Who are some British stand up comedians with similar styles to Eddie Izzard?

Being an American it's hard to find any guidance to who is good and who is crap. I only know a few:

Ricky Gervais- decent

Russell Brand- alright

Jimmy Carr- pretty funny

Eddie Izzard- friggin hilarious... Does anyone know comedians who have similar styles?

Also I love Monty Python and Blackadder if that helps at all

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  • 9 years ago
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    Outside of Eddie Izzard, I would try Dylan Moran (about to play some gigs in the US, similar style and content though somewhat more bitter) or maybe Bill Bailey. They did a sketch show together called Black Books too, though it doesn't really give you a great idea of what their standup is like. Billy Connolly may also be worth a try, though he may be a little impenetrable if you're not used to him. It is true Michael McIntyre is very popular at the moment in Britain, though personally I find him several notches below any of these guys and not at all to my taste.

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    British Stand Up Comedians

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    Freddie Starr indubitably! His Hitler character continuously had me giggling so tense that tears have been streaming down my face. He additionally had a ideal making a music voice and whilst he became making a music a fantastically severe music, he might initiate rushing to and fro on the degree and doing the music quickly and gradual like a broken tape recorder - will the greater youthful united statesendure in innovations what a tape recorder is? lol. Freddie rox

  • 9 years ago

    Michael Mcintyre is probably the number 1 stand-up in the country at the moment.

    Frankie Boyle is also good, if you like Jimmy then you will like him.

    Sean Lock is another good one.

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