What are the effects of industrialization on the environment?

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i need to get the answers to this becz its very important that i get accurate information - this is for my project that will help me to pass my subject in the end of my high school ...show more
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Your teacher wants you to say that industry has ruined the environment. Your teacher is one of millions of left wing environmental wackos. Don't go against the grain or you will get a bad grade. The truth doesn't matter to left wing people, as they prefer unemployment as a trade off to a clean environment. You see, teachers don't pollute the air just your brain with false irrelevant doctrine.


M.A. Economics 1968
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  • Tothepoint answered 4 years ago
    Here are some sources for the impact of China's industrialization on its environment.

    There is obviously a trade-off between industrialization and a clean environment -- at least at first. But the United States now has far cleaner air than it used to, and China is also taking steps to improve.


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  • Ali answered 4 years ago
    harmful effects to people with breathing problems, Children who play out, Pregnant women and to there unborn child......
    Trees are being cut off to install a factory!!!
    Noise Pollution
    effects on workers due to radioactivity
    but advantages are more employment created
    increase in GDP
    increase in domestic demand
    increase in exports and fall in imports if Raw Materials are extracted locally
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