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Does this first and middle name flow or sound ok together?

Scarlett Lois

Not sure if we are even going to use this name my husband and I have 2 other names picked out as well and we are waiting until we see and hold our baby before we officially decide.

I am having a hard time finding a middle name for Scarlett that I like and Lois was my husband's grandmother's name who passed away this year. Do you think it flows together?

I am not asking whether or not you like the names I just want to know if you think they sound ok together and if not suggestions for a middle name are welcomed.

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    No, it sounds kind of odd together. I think that is because of the strong L sound at the end of Scarlett and the beginning og Lois.

    I am not sure what kinds of names you like but heres a few ideas

    Scarlett Jane

    Scarlett Olivia

    Scarlett May/Mae

    Scarlett Elizabeth/Elisabeth


    p.s if you really want to honour your husbands grandmother then just use it. I mean how often do you actually say your full name anyway. I know people who have honoured people and their kids names sound horrible together but does it really matter? Unless you are calling her Scarlett-Lois as one name then i think you will be just fine.

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    Scarlett Rena Scarlett Rea Scarlett La Shea Lois Marie Lois Anne

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    I don't think they sound bad together...most of the time a combo not flowing well is due to similar sounds that render it singsongy, or sounds that make the names run together awkwardly, neither of which Scarlett Lois has.

    I like Scarlett, and can see using Lois since it's a family name, even though it's in that awkward "old lady" stage between "currently popular" and "charmingly old-fashioned." If you're looking for suggestions, though, here are some ideas for middles with a similar sound, but a bit fresher:

    Scarlett Elise

    Scarlet Anneliese

    Scarlett Eloise

    Scarlett Liesel

    Scarlett Louisa

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    No. They don't sound good together. They don't flow, but if you want them together, Scarlett Lola sounds nice.

    I personally like names of a loved one. That's a wonderful honor. I think Lois would sound good with an "A" middle name. Lois Amani, Lois Amanda, Lois Angel, Lois Alyssa, just to name a few. Scarlett sounds good with nature names. Scarlett Rose, Scarlett Lily, Scarlett Ivy, Scarlett Rayne (different spelling to Rain), Scarlett Skye. Lois Rose is nice, but it rhymes. I don't know if you'd like that. My daughter is Rayna Rose. Rose is a name after my step-grandmother.

    Whatever you choose, you're right. You won't know until you look at her and when you do, a whole different name that you never expected might come about. Good luck and God bless you and your bundle of joy.

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    At first, I read "Scarlett Louise" and I think it flows very nicely.

    "Scarlett Lois" on the other hand, I'm not too crazy about. Try to stick with a two syllable middle name ;)

  • I'm sorry, but when I try to sound it out, it may just be the mom of two toddlers in me, but it reminds me a lot of Scarloey from Thomas the Tank Engine. Perhaps going with two middle names might work, Scarlett (Blank) Lois. That might work.

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    I don't think it flows wonderfully but I think it's good enough. It's just the ending let/lit sound in Scarlett and the beginning lo sound in Lois that make it bit awkward imo but it's definitely workable.

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    Scarlett's a beautiful name and it sounds really good with Lois! ;)

  • I dont really think it flows.. Maybe Scarlett Marie?? But you do have to think about the sentimental value of it like you said that was his grandmother's name..

  • I think they sound great and Lois has meaning so it makes it even better!

    *I know you don't want opinions but my daughters name is Scarlett Nicole, so I think it is a beautiful name.*

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