How do online college classes work?

Do you have to be online at specific times of the day, or does it only matter if your assignments are submitted by the due date?

For example, could you be able to work from 8am-4pm, then do you assignments that night?

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    Online classes have a very different way of educating students than a more traditional college campus course. In "most" cases, classes are asynchronous and you can log-in anytime to complete your work and participate, just as long as you complete all your work by the required deadlines.

    Anytime Classes (Asynchronous)

    When you log into the online portal to access your classes, you will be able to view or listen to lectures pertaining to the subject course matter. This simulates the feeling of sitting in a lecture hall, without the dozens or hundreds of students. The students can all stop, rewind, and fast forward the lectures to take down certain important notes.

    Other methods of presenting material to online students often include completing assigned readings either in a textbook or from an online article and then participating in online chats or bulletin or discussion boards. These types of educational delivery systems do not require a set day or time to access the coursework, since there is no form of "live" lecture or presentation given by the faculty.

    I've taken about 30 online classes and 100% of them were asynchronous. There are a few rare colleges that require you to log-in at a set time on a set day, but that is the exception, not the rule.

    As a general rule, a class is broken down into modules, typically a standard week, that begins on Monday and ends on Sunday at midnight. During this time period, you are required to view lectures, read assigned texts, participate in assigned discussions, and complete any papers or quizzes that may be assigned during that week. You access this "classroom" via a system called "Blackboard" or "Desire2Learn". This is a very simple interface that makes learning and collaboration much easier!

    Instructors can be reached via email, chat, or phone should you need assistance, so help is never far away.

    The best feature of online classes is flexibility. I have attended both traditional classes and online classes, and I MUCH prefer the online format. As an online student, I am able to work full-time and carry a full-time course load without any problem. If I want to log-in at midnight and do all my work, it's not a problem. Just as long as I turn in my assignments on time, it doesn't matter.

    I hope that helps!

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    Most of the time an employer will not know if you are taking online classes. And many top notch schools offer online classes and degree programs. Harvard, Columbia, and even Duke offer online classes and degree programs. The thing is to find a nonprofit schools that offers online degree programs and classes. Stay away from colleges that just operate online and have bad reputations. A degree should say online anywhere on your transcript or on your degree. I attended a state school and had courses online, no where on my transcript does it say those classes were online. I am also a current graduate student who is almost finished with an online degree and I am not worried about that either. As long as the college is reputable, accredited, you should be fine.

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    Depends on the professor. Some professor don't care when you take anything and even give you multiple attempts and some professors use specific time windows. Usually assignments can be done or turned in at any time prior to the closing date. Quizzes and exams on the other hand can vary. For instance a quiz will open Monday at midnight and close Tuesday at midnight. Some teachers are ******* and will have an exam available say Friday from 3-5 only where it doesn't matter when you start, it will always open at 3 and close at 5. So check the professor's syllabus at the university's website before taking the class.

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