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how can i get this gorgeous makeup look? HELPPPP!! makeup experts!?

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pause at 2:31 and 4:12

does she have eyeshadow on btw? how can you tell? because i can't.

detailed/lengthy answers would be mucho appreciated. like where to apply the blush and all of that. step by step.

and what kind of eyebrow shape is that.. arched or round? i'm also going to get them waxed soon so what do i tell the woman who is waxing..

thank you so much!

ps. eyelashes! does she curl them? because they actually seem very natural to me... how can i get this eyelash look? i'm a regular wearer of mascara and i curl them too but it never looks as good as that! how do i do that?

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    Im qualified in beauty therapy and make-up. Hope i can help you a little.

    With her make-up, she's gone for a very natural look. Start by applying concealer to any problematic areas on your face. There are three usual colours of concealer, beige, purple and green. Beige is most common but if you want the flawless look, try and use the other two aswell (only if needed). Beige would go on dark circles under the eyes. The purple would go onto any sallow(yellowish) parts of the face and the green should be put onto any red areas like spots of sensitized skin.

    Foundation: It's crucial that you get nearly the correct colour for your foundation. If you go too light or too dark it could be noticable. Try Matte Mousse by maybeline, they tend to do most colours and they blend easily. Go over with a light powder to ensure your face doesnt look too shiny. It also makes the face look more natural. DO NOT USE AN ORANGE FOUNDATION.

    It looks like the oman has used a creamy colours shadow. For natural looks like hers, its important to use natural colours such as brown, sand, white and cream. Get a good make-up brush to help blend the colours and you can really go wrong. Barry M has just brought out a new pastel shade collection. Worth checking out.

    If you want to intensify your eyes, add a thin strip of BROWN eyeliner above the lashes, and then add black mascara. The lipstick looks like a pinky peach colour. No.7 in boots or online do a great range of natural looking lipsticks.

    The eybrow shape is arched. However, the most natural looking eyebrow shape is slightly bigger than hers near the centre, but it depends on how much hair you have there originally. As for eyelash curling, most beauty salons do a treatment called eyelash perming, it adds a natural looking curve to the lashes and lasts between 4-6 weeks. When you go to the salon, i suggest you ask about it, maybe you can get a package deal.

    Good luck. Hope i helped :)

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    BLUSH: that video^^ is for how to apply blush...her you tube username is jlovesmac1 and she gives great tips and advice for pretty much everything you asked for! start the video around 2:25 cause thats when she actually shows you how to apply blush.

    EYEBROWS: you can print a picture of the eyebrows you like and show them to the person waxing yours or explain if you want then thin,thicker, etc.

    EYELASHES: its hard to see hers(from the link you put up) closely so i cant tell how she does her eyelashes but i suggest curling them without any product on them and following with a clear mascara for a naturaly look. clear mascara is pretty much available anywhere!

    hope this helps :)

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