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Why do bigoted Westerners expect Muslim nations to have the same "human rights" record as them?

This is unfair. I always hear Westerners saying, "Well, Finland or Norway or Australia are countries in which people are not stoned for adultery, gays are not executed, non-believers can be citizens, people aren't caned, there are no beheadings, women are allowed to drive and vote, women can wear the clothing they want, gays can live openly.....but in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Iran or parts of Pakistan or Sudan, it's different."

So what if women can't drive in Saudi Arabia or no one votes, Britain has a monarchy and so does Saudi Arabia, so how come England isn't condemned? Don't you think it's arrogant on our part as westerners to expect Muslim societies to have our values? Their culture is different, not wrong. Yes, we don't stone homosexuals and adulterers to death, how does that make us better when we are slaves to materialism and hedonism?

In many Muslim societies women are honored through the preservation of their dignity while we parade them around as objects, how is that freedom? So, another society has a different attitude towards gays, what makes us better just b/c we allow them to live openly or marry and some of those countries kill them? That is a cultural different, not a moral one, nor is it indicative of a superior culture or people. We need to leave Islamic/foreign societies alone, if they don't agree with us on whether or not gays should be murdered or women should be allowed outside the home, that is their business and it is not our right to judge. Cultures are different, not superior or inferior, we just have an ethnocentric, imperialist attitude borne of our colonialist, patronizing ways.


Human rights' is a Western construct, invented by those who operate within the hegemonic apparatus ----countries have sovereignty and the right to make their own laws. If a country wants to murder gays or stone women, it is not the right to impose your values on them! This is what we are forgetting in the West. I am tired of hearing for example, British people, complaining about Muslim immigrants who use rape as punishment or throw acid in the faces of unfaithful women ----it is their culture! We have to accept diversity, not condemn it. Different groups have different ways of dealing with matters. We like letting gays live and they like stoning them; we like letting women out of the house, they like keeping them veiled; we like separation of church and state, they prefer theocracy. We need to embrace differences, not criticize them.

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    Human rights are not a 'Western construct', they are universal, for all people of all cultures. All people have the right to life, and humane treatment.

    If it's just a difference in culture, why do so many Muslims come to the west to escape the abuse of human rights in their home countries?

    The UK is a constitutional monarchy, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy - there is a big difference between those two. A majority of the British people want to keep the monarchy, if they didn't, the elected politicians would abolish it. But it doesn't matter what the Saudi people want, their system of government is imposed on them.

    You say we in the west should respect different cultures - and I agree - but the people in many Muslim countries do not have the right to determine their government, justice system, and what rights and freedoms they have and don't have. If they did choose those things, you would have a point, but they have those things imposed on them by the state. That is wrong.

    Source(s): Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
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    You are a fricken loon!!!

    "So what if women can't drive in Saudi Arabia"

    This is OK with you???

    To answer your questions above... The ONLY reason that "stoning" is NOT practiced YET, in Finland, Norway, etc, is because the Muslims DON'T yet have the majority of the population they are trying for. Once the majority of those nations are Muslim, then you will see the laws change towards Sharia, and the stonings will start...

    Why do you protect one of the worst sources of EVIL on the planet... If Hitler claimed to think the way he did, because of "religion", would you be OK with it??? BTW... Hitler only wanted to kill the jews and dominate the world politically. The Muslims want to kill EVERY non-Muslim on the planet. Which is worse. Islam has been a plague on the face of the earth, since it's inception. It is quite possibly the worst ideology that man has ever experienced.

    Oh... Muslims honor women??? How? By hiding them or enslaving them? Through forced ignorance? Muslim MEN are to blame, due to their insecurity and ignorance themselves. THE Muslim men want to CONTROL the women, simply because they can... That "so called" religion allows it. Honor Killings is how you HONOR your women!!!! That theology is based on subjugation. Everyone want some sort of power over somebody else, nothing more. The ignorant muslim men, want control over the women, and they do this by NOT allowing women to have any rights or any education. You are an absolutely disgusting human being, and that is being nice.

    Muslims don't believe in the separation of church and state. In their warped and perverse world, there is NO STATE... The doctrine of Islam dominates ALL thoughts, therefore no "state" is allowed.

    Why do I waste my time on an imbecile like you?

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    "So, another society has a different attitude towards gays, what makes us better just b/c we allow them to live openly or marry and some of those countries kill them? That is a cultural different, not a moral one"

    Since when was killing not a moral issue?

    And I'm all for scrapping the monarchy anywhere I go, but you can't possibly compare the British monarchy with the Saudi version?

    I don't understand why I even bother, since you're clearly a POE.

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    You are so wrong my friend. In so many ways that I can not list them all. I will point to the Qur’an for guidance and my answer. Human rights is not a western, eastern or false belief held by any direction of the compass. It it the word of Allah spoken to Muhammad. Our guiding principals are from Allah and Allah only. Not from some of our outspoken clerics. No where in the Qur’an does it say to hurt women, kill people in the name of Allah, talk about virgins for those who die for a cause, stone women or gays, or treat women worse than we treat dogs. These are words of our Clerics who have wandered from the divine word. They have wandered for reasons of money, power, and greed. They do not have the good of the people in their hearts anymore, they no longer hold the word of Allah.

    They do not speak Allah's words any longer. Keeping us ignorant of the ways of the Qur’an will only harm us.

    Read the Qur’an my friend. Learn its word, its divine messages and you will see you have listened to the wrong people for far too long. It is not too late, Allah will accept you if you believe. Believe the word my friend, save your life.

    Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    This doesn't mean we have to accept the Western decadence. But we must not continue to stray from the path of the Qur’an any more or we will all pay the price for our sins.

    Source(s): The Qur’an, the word of Muhammad.
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    1. There is right and wrong

    2. Human rights exist.

    There are cultures that are not coping with those 2 facts well but time has shown that the world is moving toward a greater recognition of 1 and 2.

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    What I think all those sand pounding camel humping nations need more than a bath is education. A good couple of years in school might actually change things over there. Average a second grade education over there I'll bet you start to see changes. Keeping people ignorant is the worst human rights violation.

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    You fail,Up until the terrorist attacks by the muslim jihad freaks we as the US were quite happy with individual rights human rights is a liberal progressive evil idea that closely resembles the ideals of the muslim religion.All these other country's you mentioned have policys that make their country's prison for it citizens,The USA was the only country thet got it right,But now we have a commie in the white house,

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    for sure Israeli's human rights checklist is pathetic (although in line with risk there is a few usa over there it rather is even worst, who's accepted with?). it rather is, for sure real for the occupied territories and in regard to the Palestinian underclass, who rather have not have been given any rights in any know of their own usa yet even interior people who're seen electorate the area is plenty from good.

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    Western nations are a bit naive believing that since they have become civilized, that all nations have become civilized when in fact most Muslim nations are as barbaric as any other that is still in the 1st century mindset.

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    This has nothing to do with politics - go to the religion section.

    Human rights is something all genders should have.

    I realize there are cultural differences but stoning ANY ONE FOR ANY REASON IS WRONG.

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