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What Happened to the New York Yankees in the 1960's?

From 1947 to 1964, the New York Yankees won the American League pennant 15 times, and won the World Series 10 times. Then, the team fell flat on its face, and it was not seen in the World Series again until 1976. What happened after 1964? Why did the team lose its dominance in baseball? Thanks to all who respond.

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    1964 to 1972 was called the CBS era. CBA bought 80% of the yankees from Topping for about $11.2 million. So they started to suck with the new ownership. The Yankees finished in the second division for the 1st time in about 40 years. It got worse when the amatuer draft started, means that the Yankees wasn't able to sign any player that they wanted. How different that is today huh.

    The in '66 the Yankees finished last for the first time since 1912.

    Then in my era, the Steinbrenner era, when George bought the team for $8.7 million in '73. Then George started the modern era of free agency after signing my favorite pitcher ever Catfish Hunter.

    Then George signed in to manage the Yankees was Billy Martin and then in '76 they finally made it back to the series, and lost to red, but came back in '77 and '78 and beat the Dodgers both times.

    Then George signed up Reggie Jackson from the A's, which is something we did a lot, take guys away from the A's when they got real good. But Reggie and Steinbrenner had a bad relationship and Billy Martin (Reggie lasted 5 years). Billy Martin was let go and rehired 5 times in a 13 year period, it was insane. The fans where 10 times worse and crazier than they are these days. In was unreal, i was at the stadium in the late '70s compared to now, and back then NYC as a whole was in trouble, worst in homicides, robberies, etc. Crime was at an all time high there, lets just say that.

    in '77 Reggie hit 3 homers in the same world series game, and overall 4 off 4 different pitchers. His awesome performance got him the series MVP and they called him Mr October.

    THen in '78 the Yankees at one point was 14 1/2 games in back of the RedSux. Then we went on a long winning streak, and by september we were only 4 games in back of boston. We swept boston at Fenway in September which they called the Boston Massacre. On the last day, they ended the season with a tie and played a 1 day playoff game in which the Yankees won of course. Then we went to the playoffs and beat the Royals in the ALCS for the 3rd time in 3 years. And then we faced the Dodgers in the WS again and beat them again. We lost the first 2 in LA, the next 3 in NY and final game in LA to win the series.

    After '79 there were a lot of changes made. Billy Martin came back and Dave Righetti came in and so did Tommy John. Thurman Munson died in a tragic plane crash. In 1980 BIlly Martin was fired AGAIN, and Reggie Jackson ended the season hitting over.300 for the only time in his career. We lost to the Royals in the ALCS that year. Dave Winfield came on for a 10 year contract and a new manager Gene Michael came on. Steinbrenner was on a hire and fire frenzy these years. Bob Lemon came on that year as well. We won the ALCS but lost the WS. Around 1982 to 1995 was the Dattingly ERA and we struggled big time during those years.

    Joe Torre came in and in 1996 we won the World Series and began the dynasty by winning like crazy. After the '07 early exit of the ALDS, Torre was done and Girardi came in and in his second year, (last year) we won the World Series again.

    That brings us to today.

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    The team got old all of a sudden and the architect of those great Yankees teams, George Weiss was gone. The CBS ownership was not the least bit preoccupied with having a winner,the Yankees were just another property to them. Moreover being that CBS televised the Game of the Week at the time it could be argued that a conflict of interest existed with the purchase of the Yankees and should therefore not have been permitted to happen. Of course with baseball's anti trust exemption it was allowed to happen.

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    CBS bought it after the 1964 season and the Yankees and then they started sucking. It wasn't until 1973 with George Steinbrenner that they stopped sucking.

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    Real simple. In 1964 they lost to a better team - The Cardinals & Bob Gibson.

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    The core -- Mantle, Ford, Berra -- got old (and retired), and when CBS bought the team, it simply didn't care about it. The Yankees were just another property in the portfolio.

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    CBS bought a sure thing and turned it into a bomb unlike there programs they couldn't cancel it. George came in and proved it was CBS that was the problem not management, coaching or players.

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    They fired Casey Stengel 1 of there best managers, and they were getting 2 predictable. Everyone knew what there pitchers had and they were teeing off them

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    Why only the U.S. Typical.

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    you can't deny the amazing players they had in that amount of time...Dimagio, Mantle, was unstopabble

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