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How to belt like a broadway singer?

Hi I'm 15 and I've been taking classical voice lessons for over two years now so i know breathing techniques and how to control my voice but I've recently started listening to broadway music and I wanna know how they belt like that and what techniques they use. I guess my voice is still going through that breathy voice change and I'd like to avoid hurting it. Thank you!! Honest answers!!!!! -Dora

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    most broadway singers dont belt. instead, what they do is something called blend. it dosent strain your voice either or hurt it. everyone has it, it just matters how much you do. pretty much what it is is a blend of your head voice and chest voice. ask your vocal teacher about it, and i bet he/she will no about it! i know from exsperience because i used to do musical theater, but now i like pop!

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    I'm a bit confused; I've never heard of a classically trained singer going through a breathy voice change. Good classical training teaches you to "belt it out". Good technique is good technique, whether you're singing opera or broadway. Maybe it's more a question of style rather than volume. Have you tried playing broadway tunes and imitating the singers? If you don't have a knack for picking up on a style after lots of listening, you might consider finding a vocal coach who can get you there.

  • 1 decade ago

    As far as I know belting is where you sing high notes in your middle register - ones you would usually sing in your head voice. You need to open your throat up, don't control the quality of your voice as much (just let it out), and use a lot of strength to push the notes out, tilting your head up a little (totally against the classical style there!) Think loud and dramatic, not full, narrow and focussed.

    I'm sorry I can't be of much help, this is all I can figure out from having classical lessons for a few months so far, and having a habit of belting accidentally - I get told off for belting when I should be singing in my head voice so we don't really discuss how to do it in my lessons, instead we discuss how not to do it! The above is what I've managed to gather from his very brief description of how people belt, and what's happening to my voice when I do it. I'd ask your teacher how to do it - choose a song that involves belting and ask to work on it in your lessons. A lot of teachers know how to sing in many different genres, and a lot of classically trained singers go into musical theatre. If your teacher is totally focussed on classical singing, get a couple of lessons with a musical theatre teacher. It shouldn't take long to learn.

    Also, you'll probably find it easier if you're a mezzo or contralto. If you're a soprano, it could be very tricky as you'll naturally want to go into your head voice as soon as possible - just a warning!

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    1 decade ago

    A friend of mine turned me on to this guy a little while ago and his voice videos have been really helpful. Check him out.

    Also, he has a blog about how he learned to sing. He started off as a classical singer, learned to sing contemporary music, and learned what classical techniques he was being taught were bogus. His blog is a pretty good read.

  • 5 years ago

    Your instructor refuses for multiple motives. I applaud her. Your vocal larynx remains immature and could finally end up with swollen delicate tissue and in all risk nodules in case you are attempting. you're far too youthful to belt. you do no longer choose to finally end up like maximum of singers - Adele? who lacked a sturdy coach who reported NO! stop! Wait till ultimately your larynx has matured. that's the reason you pay for training so pay attention on your coach. Belting is for a mature voice and is maximum of the time usual as "Pitch smash" interior the track worldwide. Belting is basically ever on your center selection and could in no way have vibrato. Vibrato could in basic terms happen in case you had "senile vibrato" which skill your vocal ligament has lost that's elasticity by undesirable technique and in all risk belting too early on your occupation.. "mixing" of the voice comes from getting to grasp Palatal determination and resonance. those training will come as you struggle by technique training. Have endurance. Your in basic terms 14 and puberty is basically commencing. you have a minimum of 8 years to flow.

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    1 decade ago

    wait another two or three years

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