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Mariah Carey Comeback?

Does anybody think that Mariah Carey will make another comeback? Obsessed did o.k. last year, but was nothing like Touch My Body. Her last album did not chart well, the singles did not chart well, and her remix album, Angels Advocate, was canceled. She will be releasing a new Christmas album this year. What do you think about a comeback?

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    @Hello(: - An Eb7or D7 isn't losing your ability to hit high notes.

    I guess it's because Mariah Carey chooses not to go too mainstream and sticks to what she is good at singing. She doesn't need to do what LADY GAGA (Anti-Catholic (Alejandro), Wanting Attention), KE$HA (Drunk, poor hygiene, No Talent At singing so she auto-tunes), and Katy Perry (Sings about kissing a girl, and she's a Christian) does. She likes to be herself and put herself in her songs. She's a Legend, she going to sell no matter what; like Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc. Mariah's Memoir Of An Imperfect Angel was a good album. And people just missed out; Or downloaded it illegally or whatever. Mariah's music is different and that's what sets her apart from other singers. Mariah writes her music and produces it.

    I liked these songs from Memoir Of An Imperfect Angel:

    Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)


    It's A Wrap (Something only Mariah would sing)

    Standing O (Catchy)

    Candy Bling

    Angel's Cry

    Seriously, how did Angels Cry song place poorly on the charts?


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    This song should have been a hit. Idk what is happening with the charts but I'm sure this song beats most of the songs on the Hot 100's Top 10. People now want catchy music and don't care what the lyrics are about. I never understand how Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus makes the charts and sell more, when Mariah makes better music.

    Anyways, IMO, I don't think her new Xmas album is going to sell more than her first Xmas album.

    I think Mariah Carey will make a comeback, but I don't think it's going to be the Xmas album. Maybe next album.

    Source(s): I agree with Fantasy Mimi too. Mariah probably chosen the wrong songs to promote and make singles. *I didn't like Obsessed song much, It wasn't her best song on the album IMO.
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    There's no need for her to make a "Comeback" because she never left. The reason her last album didnt do so well was obviously because her label didnt give her the promotion she needed and didnt choose the right singles to help promote the album though as you said obsessed did pretty good. For her christmas album i dont think she's expecting it to be a huge seller or anything,she just loves the holidays but hopefully it will do really well. She's also working on a regular new album with jermaine dupre and some other producers/writers which is pretty exciting.

  • LOL She's Definitely Going to make a Comeback

    She does make a Comeback almost every year

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    Not really. She's been trying to come back for a long time now, but the press moved on. Britney made an amazing comeback. I guess it's because Mariah's losing the ability to reach those high notes. :/

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    She makes a comeback every year now, lol.

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