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is my tortoise normal?

okay, so my tortoise has been going into the corners of its cage and continuously walking into the corner, and walking into the wall and he cant go anywhere but he is still walking towards the wall. I don't know if this is normal for my tortoise, he is a horsefield tortoise around 6 years old. can someone help me? its driving me nuts with him doing this as I cant get to sleep at night.


well it doesnt seem to me that he's blind as he mounts my female tortoise, feeds well, drinks well, and when i go by his cage he always comes to see me, but he does go by his corners and carrys on walking.

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    haha thats funny because mines doing it right now!

    its extremely annoying, she digs her nails into the side of the tank and like pulls up then drops with a loud clank.

    my trick, feed them a treat. my greek tortise LOVES turnip greens so i give her a few leaves and she falls asleep right after.

    also, make sure they have a bedtime regime. lights on and off at certain times. seems to help.

    Last thing, make sure they get a lot of excersize during the day. take him outside or put him in a bigger habitat during the day so they can wear off they're energy.

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    I even have 2 turtles. the 1st one replaced into excited plenty the 2nd I placed it in the tank. the different wasn't . each now and then it takes longer for them to get use to. If he's not shifting or ingesting, finally he will start up going around. extra 2nd turtle now could be only as loopy because of the fact the 1st. provide it a while and enable it settle in. it must be under pressure

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    Sometimes my tortoise does that, I think he is just trying to get out of the cage.

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    Chances are it is:

    A. You have him in an aquarium.

    B. His tank is too small.

    To resolve said issue, simply move him out of the aquarium/terrarium or increase his cage size. Maybe both.

    Source(s): Lots of work with tortoises.
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  • 9 years ago

    They like to explore. When I was a kid, a friend of mine had 4 big adult Sulcatas. They did this in their outdoor pen all the time.

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    It almost sounds to me like he might have gone blind. You need to have him checked out though.

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