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What causes masturbation and sexual addictions in a guy?

Masturbation and sexual addictions are such addictions which are said to be more powerful than drug and cigarette addictions. But what causes masturbation and sexual addictions to be so powerful? I've heard almost every person addicted with masturbation and sexual addictions. What really causes masturbation and sexual addictions in guys? Scientific and medical points will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I am a bit confused by your linking masturbation, the body's natural and healthy response to unrelieved sexual tensions to sexual addictions. Neither do I understand your labeling of the normal male desire to have sex with another being as an addiction. A man is driven by hormones and is only fulfilling his natural sexual role.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sex. Powerful stuff. Anywho an addiction to sex or masturbation is as powerful as the psychological addiction to heroin (BTW interesting fact, heroin is infamously the 2nd most addictive substance people experience, the neurotransmitters it mimics are the 1st), because they both work the same way. Heroin gets people high because it mimics the release of the neurotransmitters our brain releases to tell us we are experiencing pleasure (i think its norepinephrine or something, not sure), when we have sex, or more specifically when we "release" (or at least us guys, i guess i cant really speak for girls), our brains just pump out these neurotransmitters like a hose, this is an evolutionary mechanism we've developed to keep the human race populating. And because it feels so good we want more, we need more.

  • It's not just guys... Us girls get addicted to. It's just you can do what makes you feel good rather than pleasuring the other person. You can stop when you want. You don't have to get embarressed if you get lost and most of all it feels like heaven on earth

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    Masturbation is easy to get addicted, because its healthy so theres little guilt and feels awesome. Mostly it feels like all benefit. I was for a while. Tried to quit for about 3 weeks. Damned if i didnt hear it talking to me! lol

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    Masturbation became addictive to us men because it gives us pleasure that we really want. I always do it to. It is my way of releasing tension and gives me pleasure that I really want.

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    Well I guess it just feels too good to stop being addicted to it.

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    no such thing.

    women say the guy is addicted if he wants it more then they do.

    masturbation is caused by a lack of sex and sex is caused by hormones.

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    Pornography's effect on the brain of somebody who is already psychotic*

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    well once touched ( there ) its time to do the do or sleep horny...same as everyone else. addictions ? no just normal arrousal is all .

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    seriously, and the feeling you get when you do it, and it makes you just want more

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