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NCAA college football?

Is there a site that shows 100% of the college football games? If not, is there one that shows specific football games (ie Texas longhorns specifically). I am willing to pay or use free site.

Thank you


Nice.... you could say that about ANY question asked on yahoo questions. The point is to get some help finding the best answer to a question and giving some credit to those (though point system) that help the most. Thanks for the non help. Thumbs down to that answer.....

Update 2:

Bama came close to losing to a true freshman QB w/ no college snaps... As VY would say..."We'll be baaaack"

Update 3:

I could give two flies fat asses about "conferences" I'm a Texas Longhorn fan. I don't give a rip about the other teams in a conference, unless their win directly influences a NC birth for Texas. Rice, Tech, etc. usually suck... Don't care. Texas went to Cali and won the rose bowl, followed by a NC win against the unbeatable USC (both teams not in big 12) ... That being said, many of the strong teams draw from Texas, Cali, Florida so most times when a team is strong, look deep enough and the strength came from a Texas boy.

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    Check Find a schedule that's relevant. I apologize but your schedule looks like a cowards schedule. Trying to be the big fish in the small pond. Little bit cowardice isn't it? Trying to ride out a weak schedule to the National Title every year. Check Tennessee's schedule and then compare it to yours and get back to me.....

    No....You forget one thing. BAMA HAD A FRESHMAN QB ALL YEAR AND HE PLAYED HORRIBLE AND THEY STILL BEAT YOU.... and you didn't come close. The TN vs. Bama game in Tuscaloosa last year was close. We lost on a blocked field goal. You got lucky Colt got hurt, it would have been worse if he hadn't.

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    Hi Dude,

    I guess I have exactly what you want. This is one site on College Sports that I often visit to

    Unlike many of the college sports sites that cover just the major sports like football, baseball and basketball this beautiful site gives equal importance to other sports like track and field events, swimming and diving, tennis, golf, gymnastics, softball and volleyball. It covers various aspects of the games and I simply love spending time over there.

    Hope you like the resource.

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    horns 100%

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    google it

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