Paranormal or Historical or Fantasy adult romance books?

my favorite authors are sherrilyn kenyon, christine feehan, c.l. wilson and lynsay can anyone give me a list of good romance books to read?! i need something to read!! and if you can please put a link or a summary of ehat the books or series is about. THANKS!!

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    I love all those authors!!! How about trying:


    SHANNON K BUTCHER - Burning Alive, Finding the Lost, Running Scared and Living Nightmare (out Nov. 2010).

    Burning Alive: Helen has suffered from nightmares for years...a nightmare about her being burned alive while a sexy stranger watches, smiling. Into her life walks Drake, the sexy stranger from her dreams and she isn't sure if she should fear him (thus fighting the growing attraction that she has for him) or love him (something that will inevitably save his life). While Helen must discover what her dreams really mean, what her true identity and destiny are, Drake must convince her to stay with him forever and ignore her fears. Helen can truly save Drake's life and perhaps his entire race, if only she reaches her full potential. Believed to be a Theronian, Helen must learn how to channel her gift, the one thing she fears, fire and save the Teronian race from vamp-like creatures known as Synestryn.

    KRESLEY COLE - A Hunger Like No Other, No Rest For The Wicked, Wicked Deeds On A Winters Night, Dark Needs At Nights Edge, Dark Desires After Dusk, Kiss Of A Demon King, Pleasure Of A Dark Prince and Demon From The Dark (out Sept. 2010)

    Every creature or being that was thought to be mythical . . . isn’t.

    They all secretly exist alongside humans and enjoy the gift of immortality. There are hundreds of different kinds: from Vampires to Lykae, from Furies to Shifters, from the Fey to Valkyries.

    These immortals call their world The Lore.

    You may have had a brush with one of Lorekind already. The eccentric billionaire with hypnotic charisma—and an aversion to sunlight. The ethereal waif of impossible beauty—whose fingernails look more like claws. The Highlander with a seventeenth-century Scottish accent and animal magnetism—who can never be penciled in on the night of the full moon.

    They walk among us, but they war among themselves. Each faction has its strengths, weaknesses, and age old prejudices against the others. Every five hundred years, the Accession, a battle for supremacy, rages. That time is now. . . .


    JULIE GARWOOD - Many books

    With tens of millions of books in print, Julie Garwood has clearly earned a position among America's favorite romance writers. Her reputation as a masterful storyteller is solidly founded in her ability to deliver stories with appealing characters, powerful emotions, and surprising plot twists. Readers claim that it's the humor as well as the poignancy of her novels that keep them laughing, crying and thoroughly entertained. Julie attributes much of her success to growing up in a family of Irish heritage. "The Irish are great storytellers who relish getting all the details and nuances of every situation. Add in the fact that I was the sixth of seven children. Early in life I learned that self-expression had to be forceful, imaginative and quick," says Julie.

    AMANDA QUICK - Many books but this is what I could find on Rendezvous, which has the biggest Lynsay Sands feel.

    Augusta Ballinger was quite sure that it was all a dreadful mistake. The chillingly pompous and dangerously disturbing Earl of Graystone could not possibly marry her.Why,it was rumoured that his chosen bride must be a veritablemodel of virtue,and everyone knew that Augusta,as the last of the wild,reckless Northumberland Ballingers,was a woman who could not be bothered by societys rules.


    MARIA V SNYDER - Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study (there is also a spin off series now as well, which starts with Stormglass)

    Yelena has committed the ultimate sin and for that, she has been sentenced to die by hanging. Yet when she faces the man whom will send her to the noose, she receives an offer instead to live. Granted, there are catches, first and foremost the duty of food taster. Assassination by poison is ever a favored way to strike at the Commander and as the next prisoner to be executed, and as they need to fill the position, Yelena is next in line for the job. Thinking escape is surely in her future, she takes on the dangerous new duty. Her new handler though, Valek, has many tricks up his sleeve and soon Yelena finds it's not as easy to escape as she thought.

    ALISON CROGGON - The Gift, I think has the writing feel of Tamora. It goes The Gift, The Riddle, The Crow and The Singing.

    Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child when her family is destroyed in war. She doesn’t yet know she has inherited a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the noble School of Pellinor and enables her to see the world as no other can. It is only when she is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great Bards of Lirigon, that her true identity and extraordinary destiny unfold. Now, she and her mysterious teacher must embark on a treacherous, uncertain journey through a time and place where the forces of darkness wield an otherworldly terror.

    Others that I love are:

    Janet Chapman - Shes one of my top 10 authors

    Melissa Mayhue

    Robin D Owens

    Alyssa Day

    Catherine Asaro

    Gena Showalter

    Kate Forsyth

    Johanna Lindsey

    Julia Quinn

    Mercedes Lackey

    Pamela Palmer

    Karen Marie Moning

    Lol if u'd like any more suggestions or if u have any other questions just email me ^_^

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    Here are a few books that could aid you :) The Chemical Garden trilogy – Lauren DeStefano (Recommend should you just like the Hunger Games) The Dust Lands sequence – Moira Young (Recommend should you just like the Hunger Games) Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce Sweetley - Jackson Pearce The Hush, Hush Saga – Beccafitz Patrick Siren Series- Tricia Rayburn The Declaration – Gemma Malley (Recommend should you just like the Hunger Games) The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series – Maggie Stiefvater The Books of Faerie - Maggie Stiefvater The mortal devices –Cassandra Clare Beautiful Creature Series – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl The Morganville Vampire Series – Rachel Caine Nightshade Series - Andrea Cremer Wolf Springs Chronicles - Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie The Mediator Series – Meg Cabot Abandon – Meg Cabot The Nightworld Series – L.J Smith The Secret Circle – L.J Smith The Forbidden Game – L.J Smith Dark Visions Trilogy – L.J Smith Wicked Lovely Series - Melissa Marr Drake Academy – Gabrielle Poole The Iron Witch - Karen Mahoney Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton Never Bite A Boy On A First Date - Tamara Summers The Dark Divine Series – Bree Despain The Soul Screamers Series - Rachel Vincent Trylle trilogy. – Amanda Hocking Beautiful Dead - Yvonne Woon Dead Rules - Randy Russell The unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

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    Beautiful Creatures Series- Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl(Book Order)

    -Beautiful Creatures

    -Beautiful Darkness

    Blue is for Nightmares Series- Laurie Stolarz(Book Order)

    -Blue is for nightmares

    -white is for magic




    The Infernal Devices-Cassandra Clare(book Order)

    -Clockwork Angel(Comes out August 31, 2010)

    -Clockwork Prince

    -Clockwork Princess

    Cryer’s Cross-Lisa McMann(Book Order)

    -Cryer Cross(Available february 8, 2011)

    Fallen Series- Lauren Kate(book Order)



    I heart you, you haunt me-Lisa Schroeder

    The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod- Heather Brewer(Book Order)

    -Eighth Grade Bites

    -Ninth Grade Slays

    -Tenth Grade Bleeds

    -Eleventh Grade Burns

    -Twelfth Grade Kills

    The Curse Workers Series-Holly Black(Book Order)

    -White Cat

    The Evernight Series- Claudia Gray(Book Order)




    The Fallen Series- Thomas E. Sniegoski(Book Order)

    -The Fallen


    The Forbidden Game- L.J Smith

    The Hollow Series-Jessica Verday(Book Order)

    -The Hollow

    -The Haunted

    The Host-Stephenie Meyer

    The House of Night-P.C Cast and Kristen Cast(Book Order)









    The Hush, Hush Series- Becca Fitzpatrick(Book Order)



    The Immortal Series-Alyson Noel(Book Order)


    -Blue Moon

    -Shadow Land

    -Dark Flame

    -Night Star

    The Last Vampire Series Christopher Pike(Book Order)

    -Thirst No.1

    -Thirst No.2

    -Thirst No.3

    The Morganville Vampires Series- Rachel Caine(Book Order)

    -Glass Houses

    -The Dead Girls Dance

    -Midnight Alley

    -Feat of Fools

    -Lord of Misrule

    -Carpe Corpus

    -Fade Out

    -Kiss of Death

    -Ghost Town

    The Mortal Instruments-Cassandra Clare(Book Order)

    -City of Bones

    -City of Ashes

    -City of Glass

    -City of Fallen Angels

    The Night World Series-L. J Smith(Book Order)

    -Night World No.1

    -Night World No.2

    -Night World No.3

    The Otherworld Series-Kelley Armstrong(Book Order)






    The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner-Stephenie Meyer

    The Twilight Saga-Stephenie Meyer(Book Order)


    -New Moon


    -Breaking Dawn

    The Vampire Academy Series-Richelle Mead(Book Order)

    -Vampire Academy

    -Frost Bite

    -Shadow Kiss

    -Blood Promise

    -Spirit Bound

    The Vampire Diaries Series- L.J Smith( Book Order)

    -The Awakening and The Struggle

    -The Return and Nightfall

    -The Return and Shadow Souls

    The Wake Series- Lisa McMann(Book Order)




    The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy -Maggie Stiefvater




    The Strange Angels Series-Lili St. Crow(Book Order)

    - Strange Angels


    Dark Visions-L.J Smith

    You can find all these books on my Teen Book Site @

    The book summaries and covers are posted under Pages! My site is a mixer of Romance, Fantasy, and some Action! As u could probaby all ready tell^^^ :D Hope I'd helped

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