How To Block Sites From Entire Network?

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I need to find out how to block websites from a home network. We have one wired computer and 2 that run off wireless internet connected to a Linksys router. We need to keep our kids more
Best Answer're not even going to let your kidds go on MySpacee or play an MMo?! Thats learn more online then they do in real life and that is a fact...anyways if you absolutely have to then you are going to need to go into your router settings and block sites from there. Just type into the address bar of your browser and it should take you to the login screen, from there you should log in (get login data here and once u are in you can block specific keywords and websites go ahead you can now set up your perfect world bubble for your family
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  • Joshua Hinston answered 4 years ago
    block sites with Linksys router:

    Or use a web filter. But they are NOT FREE. You can add the websites you don't want to visit to blacklist or just set keywords to block websites. Also there is whitelist for wanted sites. And it works in stealth mode, and won't show in the task manager. It has password protection so that no one can change your settings without password.
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  • Daisy Sweets answered 4 years ago
    Your kids will learn more playing Dark Age of Camelot than anything else. Why not trust your kids instead of trying to limit their access to the net?
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