What is this movie?????????

It's about this boy and his Grandpa in Ireland. There's an evil fairy queen named Morgana. That's all I remember.

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    Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns (1996)

    starring John Bluthal, Godfrey James, Gregory Smith , Tina Martin, Sylvester McCoy, Madeleine Potter as Morgan de la Fey/Nula

    IMDb synopsis:

    Fairyhill, Ireland, is a place filled with mysteries and legends, leprechauns and magic. For an American boy like Mike Dennehy, it's a world of wondrous adventure. Vacationing in Fairyhill for the summer, Mike makes friends with a fascinating group of rather unlucky leprechauns who are being threatened by Morgan de le Fay, also known as Nula, Queen of the Dead, an unbelievably beautiful and sinister witch. Can Nula destroy centuries of leprechaun power? Will evil triumph?

    Here's a way to find out if this is your movie~Part 1 on YouTube:


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    This is the sequel to "Leapin' Leprechauns" (1995). Here's the premise of the first film:

    Michael Dennehy lives on a piece of land in Ireland that is the underground home to leprechauns and fairies. He gives tours of his land and ignites the imaginations of those who visit the farm about the fairy folk. He is joined by his family, including his grandson, who also has a charming way with the little people.

    EDIT: "Camelot" and "Excalibur" are set in England, not Ireland. Also, neither has a "boy and his Grandpa".

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    Camelot or Excalibur?

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