Any Florida court reporters here?

I'd like to ask a lot of questions please since I'm a student in CA and I'm planning to move to Florida after I graduate.

If you can provide an email that's great, but here's some questions off the top of my head:

1. What type of certification do you need?

2. What's the average salary if you were to work in the courts (aside from the transcripts)

3. Are they hiring in the Tampa Bay, FL region? I looked on their website but the court house didn't list any court reporting jobs.

4. Do they require experience to work at the courts? Here in CA they do, but they hire fresh graduates anyway since they need reporters badly.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would suggest you go to the Florida Court Reporters Association website.

    1. I don't believe certification is required, but it's probably very highly desirable by employers. RPR from NCRA would be good.

    2. I don't believe Florida official reporters typically earn transcript income. It's flat salary. It's the criminal court system.

    3. Again, check the Florida Court Reporters Association website, and in addition check the National Court Reporters Association website.

    4. I believe most courts would prefer experience, but I'm sure that's up to the individual court system.

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