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Anonymous asked in SportsBasketball · 1 decade ago

Breakdown of Miami Heat playing time?

give me a list of who will get playing time and how much at all 5 positions assuming no one is injured.

Go point guard through center and say who will get the playing time at that position. each position must stack up to the 48 mins required.

players can have Playing time in more than one position eg lebron could have 24 minutes at small forward and 12 at point guard giving him 36 overall PT.

The heat roster is

Mario Chalmers

Carlos Arroyo

Eddie House

Dwayne Wade

Lebron James

James Jones

Mike Miller

Udanis Haslem

Chris Bosh

Joel Anthony

Zydrunaus Illagauskas

Jamaal Magloire

13-15 roster depth

Juwan Howard

Kenny Hasbrouck

1 2nd round draft pick?

obviously only twelve players can participate in one game.

I just want to see how you think playing time will be spread

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    Miami Heat will most likely try and play thier superstars about 35-38 minutes a game. Lebron will play alot of point and you have to think Wade will play some When Lebron is out. But Chalmers should still see a bulk of the minutes at point. Dwayne Wade will get almost all the shooting guard min except when hes resting or playing the point. That is when Mike Miller will step in. Lebron will divide time between the 1 and 3 with Mike Miller playing the 3 while hes at the one. Bosh will do similarly to Wade where he will spend the majority of his minutes at the 4 but occassionally play the 5 if Haslem or Howard is in the game. The 5 is thier weakest position and should be divided almost evenly between Anthony and big Z. Maglore will also get a few min a game especially when they play the magic.

    PG Mario Chalmers 23 Dwayne wade 5 Lebron James 15 Carlos Arroyo 5

    SG Dwayne Wade 30 Mike Miller 13 Eddie House 5

    SF Lebron James 23 Mike Miller 20 James Jones 5

    PF Chris Bosh 35 Udonin Haslem 10 Juwan Howard 3

    C Joel Anthony 20 Zydrunas Ilgauskas 15 Jamal Maglore 5 Udonis Haslem 5 Bosh 3

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  • bubba
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    1 decade ago

    It never stacks up to 48 Min even if no one gets hurt, DNP coaches decision!


    PG: Arroyo 20, Chamers 15, House 9, Wade 4

    SG: Wade 33, Miller 11, James 4

    SF: James 33, Miller 15

    PF: Bosh 24, Haslem 18, Howard 6

    C: Big Z 24, Bosh 12, Anthony 6, Howard 6

    Other then that I think no one else would play, but there will be DNPCD and Injuries.

  • 1 decade ago

    I just noticed how Crappy the heat bench and role players are, for sure they will not win the championship this year

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