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What is it like to be stationed in germany?

I leave to go there in october, by the way im a mp in the army.

Just wanted to know what to expect

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    Don't know where your going to be stationed at but I'm currently an mp over in Ansbach, GE right now. It's a pretty small country, your in Europe so definitely travel. The weather here is nothing like it was in the states. Summer was only about 3 weeks here and its already getting cold and rainy like it was before. For some people it takes a little adjusting to driving over here, but i find it almost the same as in the states except for the signs obviously. One thing i do like here is the people and culture. The Germans seem to be really friendly for the most part and the food here is nothing like what you will find in the states, everything is so fresh. Also the state I'm in, Bavaria (Bayern) is more of a historic state of Germany. Everything is left as it was for the most part which makes for really good sight seeing as apposed to when you fly into Frankfurt which is definitely modernized. I could keep going on but I'm sure plenty more people will be able to provide more information for you as well. Btw are you currently stationed somewhere or going through bct/ait?

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    Germany is beautiful, but not knowing what Post you'll be stationed at, I can't really tell you much more.

    Just get out as much as you can and see Europe

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