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Is Dale Earnhardt Junior really the 5th Best Driver in the NASCAR garage?

According to sources Dale Earnhardt Jr is the 5th best driver of all the active current drivers. Is this information accurate?

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    to me Earnhardt JR has been a disappointment .. His father and me were the same age and i drove amatuer races while he drove the big time races and i watched him week after week and learned how he raced and won races trying to make myself better .. He died and Dale jr came around and everybody expected him to have as much heart and ability behind the wheel as Dale Sr did and well to be quite frank it didn't happen and i don't see it happening in the near future niether .. Dale Jr is not Dale Sr and will never be what his father was because in my humble opinion Dale Sr was the best that ever sit behind the wheel of a race car ..and that is hard shoes to fill for anybody.. I see Dale Jr as a middle pack runner with some of the best equipment that is available to race with so i think rating him 5th is a little optimistic at best .

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    When Dale Jr arrived at Hendrick Motorsports, he did great for half the year 2008. Then the shop guys showed him some things Kyle left in all his old cars. They pulled out a box of sex toys, typically used by women, and it disturbed Junior so badly wiht the visual that he hasen't been the same since.

    Source(s): Rick Hendrick
  • Susan
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    Most popular? Yes. Best driver? No. That would be one of his teammates. As the 4 time defending champion and the current point leader, Jimmie is by far the best driver in NASCAR today.

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    It really isn't going to mean a whole lot if he doesn't make it into the chase. It just depends on who is conducting the ranking week Fox will have a ranking and then ESPN will come out one with their different perspective. I suppose that the rankings are only as valid as the reputation of the ones who are putting them out.

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  • Matt
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    Statistically according to wins since he started. He has won the 5th most races since the 2000 season. He is 9th or 10th on the active driver win list, so he's actually a top 10 active driver.

    Source(s): just saying the stats
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    No not by one bit is that accurate. Unless if your counting mercahndise sales, but that doesn't make sense either since everyone buys JR stuff. In my opinion the top 5 active are

    1- Johnson



    4- Ky.busch

    5- Id guess harvick. if your just counting this year then yeah that sounds about rite.

    But no JR is defenitly not in the top 5 with preformance at all. Maybe in populatiry but preformance no. Hes probably like 1 somewhere from 12th-15th at best.

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    In my opinion,.

    If he is congratulations. If he's not.... no big deal there is room for improvement.

    People are just as passionate about other drivers (KYLE BUSCH) as the JR. Fans,

    and want the same respect for their driver as the want for him.

    If you dont want your driver Bashed ,Then dont Bash the other drivers.

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    until he wins a championship, he will never be a top 5 or even a top 10 driver in my opinion...

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    OOHHH, I am sorry, but I think you better think a lot lower than 5th best.

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    he is the 5th worst driver and he is in a hendrick car with the best equipment and engineers in the business. slick rick even said he was pulling out all stops for him this year. its not done any good has it. :)

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