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In 2010, aren't the conservatives liberals and the liberals conservatives?

Think about it...the liberals want to keep the status quo: Big wasteful government that is always growing that gets to decide how each and every person lives (i.e. the fact that they want the government to regulate marriage). The conservatives want to liberate the people from the government for various reasons, depending on the individual.

What say you, my friends and looters?


You want the government to issue marriage liscenses, therefore you want the government to regulate marriage.

Update 2:

Find a conservative who wants the government to be involved with marriage short of the GOP-RINOS and Neocons who spend like liberals.

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    As one of my contacts proposed recently, the liberals strict adherence to the status quo is due to a deep seated insecurity and fear that another individual will be better than them, have more than them, etc... therefore making them meaningless in their own minds.

    Seems to me he was right on target.

    They want to conserve their lifestyle at the expense of all others. Doesn't sound very liberal and tolerant to me.

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    Actually, Conservative want the government to regulate marriage. You have that backwards.


    Which Conservatives have fought for the government to stop issuing marriage licenses?

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    Not quite. Your analysis is flawed. Liberals want to keep moving the country forward. The current administration appears to have similar goals. Conservatives want to go backwards, have the government invade privacy issues, impose their narrow, mean-spirited, bigoted philosophy on everyone else, and tear down any efforts at addressing current problems with obstructionism and idiotic propaganda.

    Liberals and conservatives retain their respective positions.

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    Actually (and I shudder as I say this lol) I agree with you to a point. And to be honest with you no matter who gets in office come November I don't think you will see that much changed. Once they get in office the (Vermin lol) in all of them comes out. Ok now ask one of your other questions so I can get back to disagreeing with you. It's more fun. And don't expect this to become regular lol.

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    Liberal= close minded racist bigots in American politics has all my long life time.

    Conservative= Hard working, honest, and self sufficient.

    Buy the way all the talk about not being open to change for the country folks is BS. They always have the latest and greatest in innovations. Until they prove to be either good or bad. Sometimes old ways are better sometimes not.

    It is confusing but they changed the meaning of liberal in the USA years and years ago.

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    Liberals want the government to regulate marriage?

    I know it's fashionable to blame liberals for everything, but blaming them for what conservatives do is a bit pathetic.

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    9 years ago

    You are right again my human counterpart...They are Looting Vermin and should be treated as such!

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    Us cons are the ones "stickin' it to the man" with Obama and his political

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