superheroes... helpp!????

i want to know how all of these charaters from batman became themselves, but i know that batmans parents got murdured and then he decided to fight crime.


-mad hatter

-clay face

-scare crow

-red hood

-ra's al ghul

-killer croc

-harley quin

-black mask


-mr freeze

-posion ivy


-two face





-commisioner gordon

-lucius fox


- catwoman


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    Go to "Comic Vine" it's one of the best resources for origins, catch-up,s, & issues appearances on the web. Wikipedia is actually very bad at keeping up with the characters.

    The best thing to do is just buy the new "Batman Confidential" series. Why? Because DC is changing the character's origin stories again. They're never consistant, they change every 10 years.

    For example, the Joker's new origin story "Lovers & Madmen" & it's followup "Do You Understand These Rights?" & skip to a more current story; "Batman RIP."


    Jack (no last name) was a nomadic gun-for-hire, bored with the lack of excitement in his life that even hiolding up a bank couldn't give him more than likely a bachelor, & he was already a sociopath before he met Batman. Sticking with Frank Miller's, Danny O'Niel's, Micheal Green's, & Grant Morrison's views as the Joker being kind of sadistically in love with Batman, "Jack" becomes obsessed with Batman & goes on a murdering rampage to get his attention. As per previous origins, Batman has a hand with getting Jack dumped into a vat of bleachy liquid pharmasuticals, when he looses his cool after Jack stabs Bruce's current girlfriend. Batman also throws a batterang at Jack's face, cutting open the sides of his mouth (that's how he got those scars).

    Batman, being fresh into his status as a hero, makes a bad choice to get Jack out of his hair by threatening him with thugs, but the thugs decide to get serious after Jack takes a few cracks at them. Next thing they're trying to kill Jack while he tries to escape by swinging over an empty vat. He falls & takes a thug with him, falling on him & fatally injuring him. Batman regreats his previous actions & comes to rescue Jack, but the thug shoots off his gun with his last breath, hitting the machine that controlls pouring into the vat.

    The chemicals spill down on Jack, physically giving off a chlorine effect to his suit, hair, skin, etc, while the liquid drugs & lack of oxygene do their work on Jack's brain. He escapes through a dumping pipe into a nearby lake & returns another day to harass Batman by dangling people by ropes from a tall building & shooting at them. A fight ensues & Batman learns that Jack is a sadomasochist who greatly enjoys the sensation of pain (which he described in Dark Detective as "being better than sex").

    By the next story, Jack has already established himself as the Joker. He has no family, friends, or aquaintances who can identify him, so it's safe to assume he's killed everyone who could, including any wife he may or may not have had. He has also burned his finger tips with acid & has no prints.

    Batman draggs him into the police station & they lock him up for trial to see whether or not he's insane. Like the book "Joker: Devil's Advocate," the Joker is about to be ruled to be "sane enough to know what he's doing is wrong," but the Joker sabotages the trial by killing a few people & no one else is willing to judge, another trial for the same thing is double jeopardy (or whatever it's called) & he's too dangerous for normal prison, so Bruce Wayne funds to have Arkham renovated & reopened to house the Joker.

    Skip ahead to about 10 or so years in the future. Black Mask shoots Joker in the head point blank; the bastard survives but undergoes a heavy personality change from the brain damage. The Joker cmpletely looses interest in his henchmen & has Harley kill everyone who's ever worked for him, then he tries to kill her (again) & she latter runs off with Poison Ivy (again).

    Joker has had lots of electroshock therapy & surgery. His old mouth cuts have reopened & his facial nerves have stiffened, & have to be surgically grafted into a permanent smile. He has one permanently dialated eye as an effect of either the electroshock or the shock of being shot. He no longer wears his puple suit, but a sleeveless surgin's uniform. with gloves & his old purple pinstripe pants & spats. He wears his hair greased back & sliced his own tongue down the middle with a razer blade.

    Joker told the Black Glove Organization who Batman was, but latter doublecrossed them when they tried to kill Batman. Unfortunately for him, Batman sort-of died shortly after at the hands of Darkseid, & so the Joker disappeared for a year. He stole the identity of the late english writer Oberon Sexton (whom he probably killed) & worked with the new Batman (Dick Grayson) & the new Robin (Damien Wayne) to try to figure out how what happened to Bruce & what the hell he was supposed to do with himself.

    Bruce's situation is odd. He is technically dead & his body was unsavable, yet he will soon be returning to life (I was hoping he'd just take over Hush's body, but Hush is too popular a villain, even if he looks exactly like Bruce).

    Current stats:


    *Immunity to fear gas.

    *Immunity to hypnotism.

    *Immunity to pain.

    *Immunity to poison.

    *Blood is poisonous (his spit & other bodil fluids may be as well).

    *High IQ.

    *Knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. (Probably has since the 80s).

    *Affinity for knives, razers, guns, using any object as a weapon.

    *Can lift more than he looks like he can.

    *Will hit or kill a woman or child without a second thought.

    *Appears to know Muay Thai or Kickboxing.

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    Hawk woman, invisible woman, elektra, typhoon, ask your self woman, Cat woman, black widow, Phoenix, Wasp, She-Hulk, night area, Black Cat, Rouge, Mystique, Poison Ivy, large woman, Bat woman, Harley Quin, guy-Killer, Aphrodite, Namora, crimson Queen, Nocturne... and extremely some many greater* ^_^ (Yeah, i'm a comedian geek*) lol

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