Is there a violence escalate in the US against Illegal Immigrants or against Mexican Americans too?

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    9 years ago
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    If the violence against illegal aliens does escalate, you can blame it on the illegal aliens. And use the correct term since these are not immigrants. The way the illegals are acting, invading and demanding rights, it is sure to escalate into something. Only mexican Americans who want to side with these criminals may get caught in the crossfire. If they don't want to be, then they should be the first ones fighting to get rid of these criminals. As a teacher, I see more violence coming from illegals and their anchor babies. For some reason these people are delirious and think they belong here. Americans are fed up and ready to enforce the laws themselves.

    And one person posting 5 bogus accounts saying this does not make it so, it actually makes it pitiful the way he does.

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    Go visit the FBI's website. The answer is YES.

    FBI Statistics Show Anti-Latino Hate Crimes on the Rise

    New FBI statistics suggest anti-Latino hate crimes have risen by almost 35 percent since 2003. In California—the state with the largest number of Latinos—the number of hate crimes against Latinos have almost doubled. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the violence engulfing Latinos is part of a backlash over the immigration debate in this country. We speak with Mark Potok of the SPLC. [includes rush transcript]


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    WOW! I can't believe some people on here deny this. But the facts are there!


    Violence Against Immigrants Builds

    NEW YORK -- As cities and towns across the country watched the immigrant rights marches last week, some saw a spike in violent attacks targeting immigrants. In separate incidents, authorities arrested groups and individuals caught stockpiling grenades, semi-automatic weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in preparation for attack on immigrants. Immigrant rights advocates say the series of incidents and reports indicates what they are calling a very dangerous trend that they believe is fueled by the anti-immigrant climate.

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    9 years ago

    Yep and it all comes from the immigration propaganda out there that causes this anger and hate towards Mexicans.


    What's fueling increase in violence against Latinos?

    The poisonous residue of immigrant scapegoating has accumulated in the margins, fueling the rise of hate groups setting their sights on Latinos, regardless of citizenship status.

    According to a recent study published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate crimes are on the rise, with attacks on Latinos increasing in tandem with the intensification of the immigration debate. Since 2000, the number of hate groups has swelled by 48 percent, and attacks on Latinos have spiked by 35 percent between 2003 and 2006. While anti-immigrant candidates are repeatedly thrashed in national elections, this has not stopped their like-minded progeny in the street from taking matters into their own hands, confident that their actions are legitimized by what's happening around them

    In such a polarized environment, where Latinos are racially profiled and immigrants are dehumanized and persecuted as "illegals," and "criminal aliens," the hate-filled and the weak-minded will rally to the cause in their own violent way. Only if the new generation of politicians listens to the majority — and those who stand for human rights and legalization continue to push for it — the voices of divisiveness will be truly marginalized.

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    9 years ago

    I haven't seen or heard of any stories of it. Though I have seen Mexican Americans and Illegals getting extremely violent in their protests.

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    A hate crime against just one man is distressing enough, but there's reportedly been a wave of attacks against Latinos lately. The Hate Crimes Task Force of the New York Police Department has investigated more than twice as many hate crimes now than it did a year ago, according to the Staten Island Advance. And a number of recent crimes have occurred in Staten Island's Latino neighborhood, Port Richmond. Moreover, FBI statistics indicate that anti-Latino crimes in America increased by nearly 40 percent from 2003 to 2007. That's extremely alarming considering that the Latino population in the United States rose by just 14 percent during the same timeframe.

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    YES, it's been going on for years, but now it has escalated because of the immigration debate that is fueled with Rhetoric. The violence has spilled over to many Legal Immigrants, especially us Hispanics.

    Anti-immigration hate on a rapid upswing

    The recent rise in number of hate groups also parallels a rise in hate crimes against Latinos, which the FBI reported up by 35 percent between 2003 and 2006. FBI experts say those crimes usually are intended to target illegal immigrants, but often hit legal residents, many of whom are native U.S. citizens.

    Teen charged with murder as hate crime in immigrant's death

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- A grand jury has indicted a Long Island teenager on a charge of second-degree murder as a hate crime in the stabbing death of an Ecuadoran immigrant this month, according to the indictment, unsealed Thursday in Suffolk County District Court.

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