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My eyelid is swollen and painful. Should I apply hot or cold?

2 days ago I woke up and my upper left eyelid hurt when I blinked. Yesterday when I got up it was really big and swollen, and a little red. I don't think it's a stye because I don't see a bump, and it doesn't itch and it's not very red. It's still very swollen and it's still painful, especially when I blink. I know that you are supposed to apply warm/hot compresses with styes, and put ice on bruises and swollen areas, but because I am unsure of what it is, I don't know which to do, or to just leave it alone. Please help me! :(

Also, I'm only 13 and very stubborn. I know you're not supposed to touch it, but I do whenever I look in the mirror :/


I don't have any allergies so I don't think it's that...,.

Update 2:

Actually, the swelling went down a little and there is a bump, turns out it's actually a stye or a chalzion, so I should apply warm. BUt thanks for your answers! All 2 of 'em! ;)

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  • Riss
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    9 years ago
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    You should apply cold to swelling. A bag of ice wrapped in a hand towel or paper towel should help. If you can determine whether or not its allergies and it doesn't go away within a week, maybe you should at least talk to a doctor. Good luck.

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i do no longer probable care what absolutely everyone says approximately popping a stye.. i've got had a lot of them and that's the only ingredient that makes them pass away. i do no longer use a needle, I only prepare tension with my finger and then I wash out my eye with an eye fixed answer. do no longer take my suggestion as reality because of the fact i'm no longer a doctor and basically communicate from journey. i've got self belief that once the stye is relieved of the puss then it is going to commence healing. i think of of it as a zit on the outer eye. Ever considered a zit that went away with out the puss finally being relieved? I doubt it. The soreness, i think, is the tension from the puss and an infection. the faster the alleviation, the faster it is going to heal in my journey. i do no longer comprehend approximately putting neosporin close on your eye.. greater efficient look that one up. lower back, i'm no longer a doctor or a nurse.. basically a fellow stye sufferer.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Cold, put a bag of ice on it.

    Good luck

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