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In Israel, how much cost common things such as a restaurant, a beer, a taxi drive, a movies ticket, etc?

For example, how much will I pay for a beer in a nice café in a safe neughbourhood, for a normal lunch in an average restaurant (not luxury ), for a taxi drive, for a bus ticket, for a movies ticket, for a night club entry, etc, etc

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@Dandy, how much schekels do I get for 1.00€?

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@Dandy, thank you

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    here the priced in Tel aviv , where I lived usually it's a little bit pricey than in other big cities , Jerusalem is the same like Tel Aviv.

    normal lunch about 55 NIS (new israeli schekels)

    taxi - 2 options : A. called SHERUT (service) the same like bus , B. called SPECIAL about 2.5 NIS per minute.

    bus - great in Tel Aviv it's about 5.5 NIS per drive. (about 1.2€).

    from airport u have shuttles about 60 NIS to haifa , and 45 NIS to Tel Aviv. also u can use the train (except shabat time - about 7 pm friday to 7pm saterday ) . it's the same priced like shuttles.

    movi tkt - about 35 NIS

    night club - many free , other range 20 to 120 NIS

    Falfel in lafa (huge pita) = 18 NIS , shawarma (meat) in lafa = 25 NIS

    McDonald like a normal lunch about 25 NIS.

    1 € = 4.96 NIS ( for calculate think like 1€ = 5 NIS)


    (and I need some points...)

    Source(s): live in lovely city - called : TLV
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    To answer you, I can answer most as I have just come back from a trip, the price for a movie ticket is 41 sheckels for a 3d movie and 35 sheckels for other.Abus trip is a bit over 6 Sheckels, lunch in a restaurant is about 60-80 Sheckels for a light meal with a drink.A taxi ride will depend where you are going to, but a trip from the airport to Tel Aviv was around 150 Sheckels,A night club, will depend on the club, but you could pay roughly 150 Sheckels.Price for a beer was about 20-25 Sheckels.

    @ edit 1 British pound = 5.98205 Sheckels

    1 Euro = 4.96374 Sheckels

    if you need any more give me a shout.

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    to answer you, it cost the palestinians all they had

    hope this helps

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