In African American culture, do Mulattoes have more social status ?

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    In the white world, they do. In the black world, they're controversial. Blacks claim them when they do something good and also resent them for being part white. Skin tone is a big issue in their community.

    If I were black and was contemplating Halle Berry, I'd hate her for claiming she was "black" while flaunting her white features. Black will won't admit this, but it's as obvious as a gold front tooth.

    Whites, I wonder how they feel around the same? Would they tell the truth and admit their feelings? If not they're pulling the white supremacist trip of pretending we are all the same but treating blacks like children in need of guidance only the White Father can give and having much lower standards of behavior and academic performance. Then when a black person does well in school you can almost see that white pride in those liberal faces.

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    In African American culture? Yes and no. As a Mulatta, I know that many Blacks will always resent me for being part White and not "Black"enough.

    But at the same time, light skin & "good hair" are very saught after in the African American community, just listen to many popular rap songs, they almost always mention a " thick redbone with long hair" or "caramel skin".

    In the White community, I suppose Mulattos are put on more of a pedestal than Blacks, seeing as we are closer to them. ...But looked down upon because at the end of the day, we're still Black.

    So to sum it up, yes and no.

    We'll never be Black enough for the Blacks, but Whites will always consider us Black.

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    No! i think of a father is the main serious place type for a son. And if the youngster is biracial, that doesn't substitute. yet what coloration his dad is does not depend. a minimum of to me. the youngster does not care it particularly is which. the youngster could nonetheless be around black and white people and understand the two cultures. yet in spite of. I only pray for the day black people can relax slightly approximately race. How come once you consult from them they are constantly conversing approximately being black? do you know they even get into ranges of blackness? Like being particularly dark is greater advantageous, or worse, than creamy brown. So now biracial black dad isn't comparable to biracial white dad? even however the youngster could look precisely the comparable. what is going on? relax individuals. all of us brothas n sistas right here. at some point all of us gonna look tha comparable. Tha jus wha ensue once you stir cream in yo coffee G.

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    No, It's kind of funny when you can all trace your roots back to Africa, the birth place of all humanity. That's where you all came from and then migrated out and mutated. Does not that make all people of African descent? So how can there be mulattoes? Silly classifications thought up by silly people.(lol).


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    No, I am black and Asian. Not sure if that is Mulatto but I have always seen myself as black. I think white people try to give social status to separate the black community.I reject it b/c I know what they are trying to do. I don't let the man in my head. Black people need to united.

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    no, in africa, the darker the skin color is the more beautiful they are portrayed to be. also, people with larger features (full lips, bigger eyes) are thought of as more beautiful. light skinned blacks are therefore thought of by some as unattractive.

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    speaking as a "mulatto i know that none of my ****** think im black enough. that being said ALL white people consider me black. to black people im white to white people im black.

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    I would think they have less.

    White folks consider them 'black', while the blacks think they're not 'black' enough.

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    i dont think anybody that has black in them has any kind of status

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