Windows 7 Home Premium running on HP mini 2140?

Can I install windows 7 home premium on my HP mini 2140? i have 1gb of ram running on Intel Atom 1.60Ghz, and can i install it using an external DVD since my notebook doesnt have DVD drive? thanks..

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  • Jenn
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    9 years ago
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    If I were you I would go to the Microsoft website and download Windows 7 Home Premium from there. It is legal and doesn't require an optical drive. Even better, don't upgrade. I think the HP mini comes with Windows 7 Starter. The only major difference in features that I could find is that Starter doesn't give you the ability to change your desktop background. I think there are third party programs that will let you change your desktop background for free. I don't think it is worth it to pay to get a new operating system that only has a few more features which most people don't even use.

    I think the ability to change your desktop background should come with all operating systems but it doesn't. I wouldn't want to pay for something like that.

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    no because it somewhat is as a results of the fact domicile windows 7 domicile top rate is greater of a much bigger working gadget it has greater yet might gradual your mini pc down if your searching on your pc to run speedier you're able to dry clicking on the beginning up button searching for "disk cleanup" and choose your significant force and choose all the tick packing packing containers then click ok there is likewise a hyperlink interior the source bit which would be triumphant because it somewhat is yet another technique of rushing your pc up wish this facilitates

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes, but you may want to get 2 gb of ram if you can access the slot.

    You should also be able to install from a usb thumb drive instead if you dont have a external dvd drive.

    Source(s): i run Windows 7 Home Premium on my Asus eeepc 1000h - 1.6 atom 2gb
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