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Will Smith disses Eminem!?

Eminem dissed Will Smith with these lyrics From the song The Real Slim Shady, "Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records, well I do so f u c k him and f u c k you too" Will Smith responded with the song "Mr. Niceguy" Will Smith was also dissed by 2 other people: Wendy Williams (Radio and tv host) who called him gay and harassed him for not cussing in his songs and Larry Elder (has his own show in FOX)did the same, harassing him for not cussing in his songs. He responded to all 3 in this song here's the link

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… For the lyrics look on the description. In my opinion he succeeded I ♥'d the song lol Tell me what you think

P.S. This song comes out in his 4th Studio Album that came out Early 2005 in the Album "Lost and Found* Will Smith, keep rapping

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    thats coz will smith is mature, his a grown man with wife & kids living the american dream, so why should he diss ppl, what have they done to him and the 4 who disses will because he doesnt diss ppl in his rap is really pathetic, should really mind their own business

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    Larry Elder Will Smith

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    ^^ all wrong, Eminem only diss will smith because will smith was a rapper and I hear he suck but anyways will smith diss Eminem so Eminem decide to diis him back .

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    Why should Will Smith have to cuss he lives in a 90 million dollar home. He has nothing to be mad about.

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    It's not to be taken serious because next thing you know it your going to say he dissed Dr.Dre in that song because he said Dr.dre was dead and locked in his basement

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