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position situationETC 分別

position situation circumstance condition state of affairs things 有咩分別 用中文解 thx

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    Position 立場, 位置, 地位

    I hope you understand my position in this matter. 我希望明白在這事件我的立場

    The runners got into position on the starting line.赛跑员已進入起跑線上的位置

    Situation 情形, 處境, 局面

    I am in a difficult situation. 我在困難的處境中

    This situation is unfavorable for us. 這样的局對我們來說是不利的

    Circumstance 環境,狀況

    I was forced by circumstances to do it 為情況所逼我不得已纔如此做

    Due to circumstances beyond our control the lecture was cancelled.


    Condition 條件, 情况

    I shall do it under certain conditions. 我在某條件下我會做(實行)

    Weather conditions are good. 天氣情况良好

    The house has a very good position

    State of affair things 國家的內政事物

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    請取消這句子:The house has a very good position


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