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? asked in 汽車及交通車廠其他 - 車廠 · 10 years ago

Mitsubis Lancer Evolution x

why Lancer Evolution x use 5-speed manual gearbox

not 6 speed..... ? most a new car come with 6 speed gearbox

And sst gearbox or manual what one better ?

many thank

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  • John
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    10 years ago
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    The Evolution X is not a high-volume mass production car. Mitsubishi built a high-tech twin-clutch semi-auto transmission (TC-SST) for it, which is a six-speed unit. Mitsubishi knows some hard-core fans prefer to have full control of their cars with a manual transmission, so Mitsubishi looked for an existing transmission in their parts department which can fit into Evo X. This saved Mitsubishi a lot of money from R&D to develop another 6-speed manul tranny for a car that doesn't sell in high-volume.

    This unit also allowed Mitsubishi to set the price of the car lower. Having an all-new 6-speed manual in addition of a low-budget 5-speed and the TC-SST in the line-up will jack up the price.

    Which one is better? It depends on the person who answers your question. Performance-wise, TC-SST is way better than the traditional 3-pedal manual, so if you care about the shortest lap time around the course, TC-SST is your choice. However, if you are a hardcore driver who enjoy the feeling of satisfaction from a perfect heel-and-toe and rev-matching, then go for the manual.

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