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Open Cloze

Fill on each blank in the passage with ONE word which best completes the meaning. Write your answers in the spaces by the side of the passage.



When the AMBER signal is in force

‧Parents, students, school authorities and school bus drivers should listen _(1)_ radio or television announcements on weather, road and traffic _(2)_ .

‧Candidates for public examination should _(3)_ the examination as normal, but should listen to radio or watch television in _(4)_ the weather deteriorates _(5)_ .

When the RED or Black signal is on force

Before schools start:

‧Classes will be suspended. Students should _(6)_ at home.

‧School premises will be appropriately _(7)_ and staffed to look _(8)_ those students arriving or leaving, to ensure their safety.

‧Internal tests or examinations and outdoor activities will be postponed or _(9)_ .

Whem some students have already set _(10)_ for school :

‧Students should normally proceed _(11)_ the school unless road or traffic conditions ahead are _(12)_ .

‧School-bus dirivers should listen yo radio broadcasts on the development of the rainstorm and ensure that students will be _(13)_ to a safe place.

‧There will be no normal class, Students _(14)_ at school should remain there until it is safe for them to return _(15)_ ,

When schools are in session:

‧Students should remain in school _(16)_ the end of school hours and conditions are safe for them to go home .

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