How can cheek my work permet visa of united arab emirates ?

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i want a UAE work parmit visa cheek web side and mobile no.
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  • H answered 4 years ago
Please note that the words 'permit' and 'visa' are often mixed up. What's important to remember is that you need two separate permissions. One for working in the UAE and one for staying in the country. The permission to stay in the UAE is what's stamped in your passport (the visa), and the permission to work is a labor card (the permit - is a separate document).

It was possible to check the labour permit status under, but this site is under maintanance currently.

After your docs got approved, your employer will provide you with an employment entry permit. After taking the medical you will receive your residence permit and labour card.

Government employes do not provide any information on mobiles. Contact the PRO of your future company for furter hinformation.

Please use the provided spell checker.


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