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Should i get a weave or get a lace front?

Ok im going into 8th grade and i want to change my hair and put it into a protective style because i know once school starts i would want to curl it and straighten it, and by the time 8th grade is done i won't have any hair. I had braids before but i just don't want to have them now i was thinking about getting a weave but i heard it damages your hair and my hair has grown so long, it went from a lil bob to past my shoulders in just a year. My mom said i can get a weave but i can't get a lace front she said its to grown up at my age idk what to do i want to figure this out before i go back to school please help

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    Since you're going into the 8th grade and you're hair has grown a lot, I personally would suggest that you just keep you're natural hair since weaves and lace fronts can be very high maintenance and costly. I have gone natural in the past year and I'm able to have my naturally curly hair one day and the next day straight without putting a perm in. I mainly do a wet n wavy style with my hair. I will just wash, condition, and mousse or use a little bit of gel (not too much) if I want to go curly. If I want to go straight, I wash, condition, and use setting lotion, blow dry, and run a flat iron through. Then I finish with an anti-frizz serum. I found that my hair has grown faster without using chemicals and tight weaving.

    With weaves if they're done correctly, you won't lose hair. If they're the glue-in kind, Yes, you could lose hair. I used to wear glue-ins and it ate up my hair no matter how gently I removed my tracks. Plus you'll also have to deal with blending issues. Blending can be difficult, but it can be done. I personally hate seeing "taco meat" on top with silky on the bottom or seeing someone with a leave-out that is like a #4(dark brown) and the weave is #1( jet black).

    You're mom is right about lace fronts because I feel they would be too grown for you too. Lace fronts usually run $200-$700. It takes a lot of work to make these look "believable". The hair textures, the hair line of the wig, and the construction of the lace wig is all very important. The majority of lace wigs I see look very obvious. Most people may not know exactly what is on you're head, but they know it's fake and it may look very odd to them. There are few women that wear lace wigs and it really looks like it's growing from their scalp. These aren't wigs that you can just put on and take off everyday. They are applied with glues and tapes. I wore these for a couple years and it wore my hairline away. It took a while for my hair line to grow back.

    Whatever you choose I hope you're happy and it works out for you, but I'm not sure if you're ready to deal with all the maintenance that comes with weaves and lace fronts.

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    Weaves are the two sewed or glued in using wefts or tracks or hair. Lace fronts are hair in my view put in some internet then you definately stick the internet on your hair and scalp and then evidently like it certainly transforming into out of your scalp that is what beyonce wears. I pay attention good issues approximately remi and yaki manufacturers for weaves.

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    Put a weave in. If you get a lace front, someone might snatch your wig at school.

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