When training for a career, what is the fastest training program and field?

What types of careers are there where you can be trained in under six months and still manage to make over 40K? I have a bachelors degree in History, and a very large student loan. Is there any job out there that does not require you to train for another 2 years by going back to college?

I have spent the past 5 years in school, so I really do not want to go back. However, I also do not want to be a secretary again. I have also lost interest in being a teacher--(too much overtime and not enough me time.) Does anyone know of a good website that will help history major's find jobs specific to their degree?

(I also do not want to do a home based business as there are too many scams out there.)

What is the highest salary range that a medical transcriptionist can make on a full time schedule while working from home? Help.

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    Legacy Training Institute is a Career Development Training Company that provides specialized training programs for entrepreneurs, business opportunity seekers, the unemployed or underemployed. Our training programs are of the highest quality and provide our clients with the foundational knowledge needed to launch new exciting careers or to start their own Home Based Business! We will invite you to join one of our training session free - just call and ask! 1-888-659-4442

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    At Legacy Training Institute we don’t believe in “get rich” quick schemes, gifting programs, pyramid schemes, stuffing envelopes etc. What we do firmly believe in is education! We also believe that hard work, dedication, perseverance and honesty are the cornerstones for success in business and in life. We also believe that most people are willing to work hard to achieve their goals and dreams, not to mention financial freedom. But for many they simply lack the necessary training to do so. At Legacy, we are committed to changing that! Allow us to introduce you to the Legacy Career Development Training Program! Call and ask what income streams we teach and what kind of commission our representatives receive. 1-888-659-4442

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    Fastest Career Training

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    You haven't told us what KIND of "medical career" you are looking for, so there isn't much help we can offer to you. Sorry. UCSF has one of the top med schools in the country, so you are very lucky to be fairly close to that.

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    While I was looking for a good college I found one web-site that offers you to browse a ton of

    different schools.Actually there are many websites online but most of them are paid.This one

    is absolutely free .


    You should try it

    Really hope this will help

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    There are top jobs for a history major with a B.A. It seems that numbers 2,4,5,6,7, 10,13may peak your interest. the choice is yours alone. Good luck.

    They are:

    1. Petroleum Engineer

    Demand for skilled petroleum engineers is expected to increase exponentially in coming years, as energy issues lead the national agenda. Engineers rank at the upper end of the engineering salary spectrum. Earnings in 2007 put petroleum engineers as earning $114,000 annually

    2. Actuary

    An actuary is a business professional who specializes in risk assessment, analyzing statistical data to calculate the probability of different outcomes and forecast risk. A 24% growth rate is predicted in this industry over the next five years. Earnings in this field average $107,000, or about $52.00 per hour.

    3. Computer Software Engineer

    Computer software engineers apply the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation. Continuing education is also necessary to acquire the latest technical skills. The upper 10% of earners in this field took in more than $125,750 annually.

    4. Graphic Design

    Graphic designers create visual solutions to communications problems. They find the most effective way to get messages across in print, electronic, and film media A bachelor’s degree is required for most entry-level and advanced graphic design positions. Salaries in this field ranged from $62,000 to $98,000 annually.

    5. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

    Network systems and data communications analysts design and evaluate network systems. A bachelor’s degree is generally a prerequisite for this industry. This area of employment has a projected growth of 53% over the next five years, with median annual earnings in a major metropolitan area being $81,000.

    6. Real Estate Appraiser

    The housing market in any shape needs real estate appraisers because valuations are always needed. A bachelor’s degree is required for this industry, as well as licensing and certification which vary by state. Median annual earnings are $64,000, but collateral appraisers, who work with lenders, can earn in excess of $130,000.

    7. Financial Adviser

    A financial adviser is a professional who renders investment advice and financial planning services With a large number of baby boomers nearing retirement, business in this area will continue to grow. A bachelor’s degree and continuing education are required for this field with median earnings of $122,500.

    8. Human-Resources Manager

    At more and more companies, HR is no longer about benefits administration and the employee newsletter. Even lower-level managers are expected to design employee programs.. A bachelor’s degree followed by professional certification is standard for this field. Annual earnings can average $73,500, but high level HR executives can earn in excess of 150,000.

    9. Database Administrator

    Database administrators determine ways to organize and store data, and working with database s. A computer related bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement in this field. There is expected to be a 29% increase in employment in this field through 2016. Database administrators earned an annual salary of $64,670 in 2006.

    10. Forensic Science Technician

    Forensic science technicians investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Technicians set up, operate, and maintain laboratory instruments, monitor experiments, make observations. Science technicians use the principles and theories of science and mathematics to solve problems in research and development. This field has a projected 31% growth rate and median hourly earnings of $21.79 in 2006.

    11. Computer Security Specialists

    These specialists plan, coordinate, and implement security measures for information systems to regulate access to computer data files and prevent unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure of information. As computer attacks and threats continue to be a problem, specialists in this area will see steady employment and rising pay. $53,770

    12. Accountants and Auditors

    This market is projecting a faster-than-average growth as a result of an increase in the number of businesses, changing financial laws and regulations. Most jobs in this area require at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. Accountants and auditors help to ensure that s public records kept accurately, and taxes paidon time. Starting jobs in auditing positions for the Federal Government, for example, start at 46,718 a year.

    13. Public Relations Specialists

    Public relations specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, industry, and governmental relations; political campaigns; interest-group representation; conflict mediation; and employee and investor relations. The middle 50% or PR specialists earned about $65,310.

    Source(s): I was a college professor of education at four universities in the Midest, the East, the South and Washinton, D.C. I was a counselor for hundreds of teachers and school administrators.
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