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what lifetime movie is this?

i cant remember the name.. but its about this girl with brown hair trys to be friends with this other girl who had wears blue eye contacts to make her eyes look blue.. and the girl with brown steals her bf or something like that.. idk its been a while.. but at the end the girl that wears the contacts murders the other girl in her bedroom her mother finds her later that day when she comes home.. note: the girls throat was slit and she was able to tell her mother her murders name.. ring any bells?? i have been watching lifetime alot lately and i remember this one movie but i just cant remember the name...

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    You may be describing the movie called The Stalking of Laurie Show (2000).

    "Michelle did it." Blood gurgled from a deep, gaping cut along Laurie Show's throat. The 16-year old died in her mother's arms, whispering her killer's name: "Michelle did it."

    At least that's one version of the story: Clinging to her last seconds of life, Laurie Show revealed to her mother that Lisa Michelle Lambert—angered because her boyfriend, Lawrence "Butch" Yunkin, had confessed to a sexual entanglement with Show—was the one who had stabbed her, cutting her throat.

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