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RECOIL COLT1911 .45 ACP vs GLOCK 23?

I am a little confused by the idea that a 1911 in .45 ACP has a lot of felt recoil. Ive heard and read descriptions like "bone wrenching". I grew up on 1911 and Peacemakers. At 15 and 142lbs I have never had an issue with any "bone wrenching" recoil. With its slim grip, heavy frame and slow moving cartridge, I have always felt that it's recoil is more like a gentle push. Now with my Glock 23 and 19, their felt recoil I can describe as snappy. I find the "bone wrenching" 1911 far more controllable than any Glock or Sig. So where does this heavy felt recoil myth come from?

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    That's from idiotic internet nerds and gamers that base their evaluation of firearms on their last game of Call of Duty or whatever. They immediately assume that because the 1911 is a .45cal pistol, it must have massive kick.

    Also part of your comparison results are because the Colt 1911 continues to be upgraded since its original construction almost 100 years ago, while the Glock hasn't changed hardly at all since its original design. Also, Glock is unquestionably my least favorite major european arms manufacturer after the '17 my aunt bought, with my only praise going toward the cheap price and rugged construction.

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    Having owned and shot a Glock in every caliber you mentioned, here's my .02 on the subject: The recoil on the .45 is stout but manageable. It's more than the 9mm, but less than the .40. I much prefer to shoot either a 9mm or 45 ACP over the .40 as .40's generate a hard snap recoil. I had a Glock 27 in .40 and a Glock 33 in 357 Sig and both were beasts to shoot (IMHO). I've still got a nasty little slide bite scar from the G-27 when I didn't have a good grip during the shot. Recoil aside, I like the 45 ACP round as it's a nice, heavy round with very good knock-down power, but that's not to say that the .40 or 9mm don't perform well in that area as well. Given my choices of Glocks to carry, my favorite is the G-30 model in good ole 45 ACP.

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    A 1911 is a heavy gun. The recoil is just a little snap. It does not come close to the recoil of a Keltec P11, a Kahr P 45 or a Taurus revolver in 45acp. The latter three have more recoil than a G30 and much more than a FNP45.

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