Girlfriend cant talk past 11, What phone plan should i get her?

im 16 shes 15 almost 16, and her parents are like nazis. and her phone and computer shut down at 11. is there a not so expensive way of getting her a phone to be able to call me past 11? i have a job so it isnt that big a deal that id be paying for it. so whats the cheapest way of getting a phone that just calls, from like 11pm till 2 or 3am? and i would have the phone in my name and what not and the bill. it can be a cheap phone, doesnt reall matter

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you have t-mobile in your area you can get good rates without having a contract. Otherwise you'll either have to commit to two years or pay more with a pay as you go phone. But if you pay your own cell phone bill it would probably be really cheap to just add a line.

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