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The nest az Halloween attraction?

IS the nest worth going to if soo what can i expect

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    In my opinion, no it isn't worth it... and I got in free.

    First, expect bad signage. I couldn't find the place and drove past it twice.

    Next, the haunt is set up in a cute little western town setting, but doesn't make use of any of the buildings. You wind back and forth down the main street, and I started to question the logic of things: why is there a portrait in the middle of the street? Why is Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf in this setting? It really was the company hauling out every animatronic they ever bought and dumping them - working or not - into the haunt environment.

    After the Western town you wander through the woods. Actors who were either victims ("All your life") or monsters were not well trained and didn't have much to say beyond the one line they were given (and "Help me, help me" gets pretty tired after five minutes.

    After the woods there was a brief cemetary scene, and then what seemed to be a cattle run, emerging into the main waiting area with concessions and bands playing.

    As I said, I got in free. If I hadn't, I would have demanded my money back. Now, an attraction that I thought was WELL worth the money (and I went through twice!) was The Haunt at Halloween Express up off of I-17 and Bell Rd. This place is completely indoors AND fully decorated - not a plain black wall to be found. Their waiting area is a cemetary with occasional zombie dancers to entertain, there's a Haunted Mansion attraction, and asylum, and a Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, all exceptionally well done with amazing actors. One of the actors in the Asylum managed to quote crazy poetry at breakneck speed which really made her character even more menacing.

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