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How poor is the US army security, if a PFC can walk out with 90000 documents?

Forget get what they say, gathering 90,000 secret documents and communicating this information outside the US Army would indicate that US Army security is somewhat less than a typical chain store in a mini mall. Even if the documents were in a single file that could be emailed to Wikileaks a the click of a mouse, the process would have taken many hours. If there was the requirement of gathering the info and covertly transmitting the information many months!

Can these incompetent people be trusted with anything, ever?

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    It was a PFC with a Top Secret clearance. Unfortunately, he abused that trust and used it for his own wants. The PFC explained that he got all those documents by copying them to external storage devices such as CDs, which he claimed were music CDs.

    The US Army just doesn't have the man power to check every soldier and his belongings for that kind of stuff. It's the reason why every soldier swears an oath of service to his country and goes through the entire security clearance process. You break that oath and you get a dishonorable discharge and maybe some jail time. You're future is also screwed as well since almost no employer will hire someone who was dishonorably discharged. The US Army hoped that this would be enough to deter individuals from doing such things.

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    Typical government oversight. They are so inept it is embarrassing. Just think, the IRS holds a great deal of our personal and financial data. I am sure it is very secure, you think??

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