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What is your fantasy football team?

Enter in your fantasy football team, full offense and defense! And coach too I guess. Just for fun. They can be from any team, dead or alive, retired or hired.


Quarterback: Brett Favre Backup QB: Joe Namath

Running Back: DeAngelo Williams Backup: LaDanian Tomlinson Backup #2: Adrian Peterson

Fullback: Lorenzo Neal Backup: Daryl Johnston

Wide Reciever: Jerry Rice, Randy Moss Backup: Michael Irvin Backup: Moose Muhammad

Tight End: Tony Gonzales Backup #1: John Ditka

Offensive Tackles: Flozell Adams Backup: Chad Clifton

Offensive Guards: Larry Allen, Jim Parker

Center: Shaun O Hara, Andre Gurode


Defensive End: Julius Peppers, Michael Strahan, Reggie White

Defensive Tackles: Jamal Williams, Tommie Harris, Marcus Stroud

Nose Guards: Casey Hampton, Kris Jenkins

Linebackers: Jack Lambert, Lawrence Taylor, Raw Lewis

Cornerback: Deion Sanders, Mike Haynes


So what is yours??

Most dominant team gets my +10 points

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    QB: Peyton Manning : BC: Dan Marino

    RB: Emmitt Smith, Thurman Thomas BC: Eric Dickerson, Bruce Campell

    FB: Larry Csonka BC John Riggins

    WR: Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald, Art Monk BC: Marvin Harrison, Steve Largent, Lynn Swann

    TE: John Mackey BC: Kellen Winslow Sr, Dallas Clark

    OT: Flozell Adams, Orlando Pace

    OG: Russ Grimm, Chris Long

    Center: Jeff Saturday


    DE: Michael Strahan, Reggie White, BC Dwight Freeney, Deacon Jones

    DT: MEAN Joe Greene, Randy White,

    LB: Lawrence Taylor, Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis

    CB: Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Nnamdi Asomugha

    SS: John Lynch BC Bob Sanders

    FS: Rodney Harrison BC Troy Polamalu ( if he can stay healthy)

    ill take those points now

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    i dont know many players from the old days so most of my list will be current/newly retired players

    Team ballin

    Quarterback: Peyton manning Backup QB: joe montana

    Running Back: Walter peyton Backup: CJ2k Backup #2: Ray rice

    Fullback: walter perry (played a tiny bit of FB lol) Backup: Leron Mcclain

    Wide Reciever: Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald Backup: Michael Irvin Backup: Andre Johnson

    Tight End: shannon sharpe Backup #1: tony gonzo

    Offensive Tackles: Flozell Adams Backup: Chad Clifton

    Offensive Guards: Larry Allen, Ben grubbs

    Center: Jeff saturday, matt burke


    Defensive End: Reggie white, john abraham, dwight freeny

    Defensive Tackles: haloti ngata, richard seymor, elvis dumervil

    Nose Guards: vince wilfork , Kris Jenkins

    Linebackers: LT, Ray lewis, mike singletary

    Cornerback: Neon Deion, Champ bailey, asante samuel

    Safety: ed reed, troy polamalu, bob sanders (when healthy), jairus byrd keep an eye on that kid

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  • 4 years ago

    QB - Drew Brees RB - Adrian Peterson RB - Stephen Jackson WR - Larry Fitzgerald TE - Tony Gonzalez protection - ny Giants Bench participant - Andre Johnson Bench participant - Tom Brady

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