who are the candidates for u.s. congress representatives arizona?

Arizona District 5. United States Candidate for U.S Representative for Congress.

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    Harry Mitchell (D)* - (Campaign Site)

    Susan Bitter-Smith (R) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-Scottsdale City Councilwoman, Businesswoman & '00/'08 Candidate

    Lee Gentry (R) - Attorney, Mediator, Businessman & '08 Candidate

    Chris Salvino (R) - Physician

    David Schweikert (R) - Maricopa County Treasurer, Ex-State Rep., Businessman & '08 Nominee

    Mark Spinks (R) - Realtor & Ex-Restaurant Manager

    Jim Ward (R) - Venture Capitalist & Ex-Movie Industry Executive

    Nick Coons (Libertarian) - Computer Consultant & Libertarian Activist

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