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Hey, ATHEISTS! I'll bet you can't argue with this?

You say strong disciples of any religion are willing to die for their faith; suicide bombers, for instance.

Do you think that anyone who's a strong disciple would make up lies about Jesus walking on water?

Jesus's disciples all died for their faith, yet they preached that he did indeed perform miracles. You think someone who followed Jesus's moral teachings closely enough to DIE for him would have constantly lied?

You think that if they were making it all up they would have died rather than renounce their false faith?

You really think they didn't even write the books that are attributed to them? Sorry, but always go by Ockam's razor. The simplest explanation is the best. Can you argue with me without jumping the shark?

Don't tell me that my statement doesn't make any sense without evidence to back it up. It's always Christians who have the evidence now, not atheists. Wake up, atheists. You wave everything aside that comes from a religious book, with no interest in properly disproving it, fearing that if you try to disprove it...


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    You DO realize that the Gospels were not actually written by Matt, Mark, Luke and John, right??

    That being the case, I think it is safe to assume that, for all we know, those stories are embellished as well. Maybe all of his 12 disciples ran off, and it was only 100+ years later when the Gospels were actually written that the stories of them dying for their beliefs were invented so as to make it more believable.

    Now, Im not saying that this IS what happened - but I am saying that Ive provided an alternate explanation to your asinine explanation.

    BTW, Ockham's Razor is the principle that "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" - not that the simplest explanation is the correct one. Might want to know what you are talking about first...see, interjecting your God into the argument IS MULTIPLYING BEYOND NECESSITY.

    Source(s): You may also wish to know that it is a recorded fact that the Dead Sea freezes over approximately once per century - Jesus could have been walking on ice!
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    Atheists don't believe in god. I believe that Jesus was a real person who was charismatic, a good leader and did many altruistic things. Yes his friends died for him. I also believe that after many years the actions of a wonderful leader may be exaggerated, especially if traveling by word of mouth and translated between many languages over a 2,000 year period. Lots of people die for good leaders, just think of wars. Anyway do you think all of the people to actually DIE for Oden, Ra, Allah, or whatever other gods you believe are false, would have done so if the gods weren't real? Just because you are willing to die for your beliefs doesn't make them any more valid. Also I know Christians who lie, just because you believe lying is bad doesn't mean you won't exaggerate the truth slightly for what you think is a good cause.

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    LOL...Do you realize how many thousands of people denied that Michael Jackson could be a pedophile despite there being overwhelming evidence showing that he was.

    Or do you understand that there are many people who will argue til they are blue in the face that GW Bush was one of the best Presidents ever despite the fact he will be judged by future historians as the worst?

    And there are still a good number of people who believe OJ Simpson was innocent of murder and will defend him til they are blue in the face?

    It is called "Idol Worship" and the idol worshippers have no problem laying out lies if the lies help to justify their idol worship or further push the idea that someone is worthy of being worshipped.

    And as others have pointed out...your source is one single book, a book that claims God is a stinking killer of innocent babies (egypt's first born) who suffers severe emotional issues including uncontrollable rage and jealousy...yeah that is supposed to be taken seriously, LOL.

    So what was it you were betting? That certainly was rather easy to argue lose, I win.

    Now what was it I won?

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    Wrong. And here's why:

    1) Would anyone lie about 'jesus' walking on water? The people of that time saw little or no distinction between fact and fiction when they wrote.

    2) 58,000 young American men AND women died in Vietnam because they believed in freedom. That's a lot more than 10. Remember, Judas killed himself and one of the others died of natural causes.

    3) Did any of the 58,000 young Americans who died in Vietnam suddenly renounce their status as Citizens of the USA? No.

    4) Who wrote the gospels is debatable.

    5) None of your statements make sense because you are writing from emotion and not from reason.

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    instruct it? ok... The British and French arbitrarily partitioned the worldwide places in the middle East after the autumn of the Ottoman Empire, and dissimilar of their arbitrary lines extra approximately strife in the area that had no longer existed until eventually now. specially, i choose for to propose you seem up the Balfour statement of 1917, wherein the British promised the Zionist Jews a native land in Palestine. Jews and Arabs lived jointly in peace and cohesion for many prolonged sessions throughout recorded history, which includes the 1000's of years between the time of Christ and the 1st marketing campaign. Now that I even have shown the present undertaking does no longer come from jealousy between 2 semitic brothers who lived approximately 5,000 years in the past, as stated in a e book riddled with historic errors and inconsistencies, i might such as you to tell me whilst those 3 hundred years of peace have been.

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    Right, but you see...those are all alleged tales in your holy books. We don't have any evidence that any of that happened beyond what your book says.

    And no one can deny such a thing as a fictional writer. There are even fictional writers today that try to pass off their works as truth.

    "It's always Christians who have the evidence now, not atheists"

    You have NO evidence, which is exactly why there are atheists.

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    "Do you think that anyone who's a strong disciple would make up lies about Jesus walking on water? "

    Sure! Lots of christians come on here lying about jesus every day. THAT'S nothing new, Professor.

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    The Jesus story was likely adopted by Romans in the roman empire, or even invented by them, to have the masses believe in something, so THEY are willing to die, the founders and the sheeple were not the same people.

  • 9 years ago

    I don't say that.

    You have no evidence to back any of that stuff up. Only your "religious book".

    I realise it is a STORY

  • My uncle walked on water. Yesterday. Believe me?

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