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How to get into YG Entertainment like how BigBang did?

Well they had their own show called the BIGBANG documentary. 2PM and WonderGirls did the same thing I think. They all debuted from a show. Did they have to sign up for it. I'm just really confused because usually people become trainees then if theyre good they debut, but these k-pop groups debut from a show. I think Daesung or TOP debuted in like 2 months. Help Please.

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    YG holds open call auditions -- you'll have to keep an eye out for those. Usually they are in New York City or, more likely, Los Angeles if they are in the United States. I believe there's a process to apply online ( but I didn't use it when I went to LA (it wasn't an option when I auditioned). When you audition, there are three things to keep in mind.

    1. You MUST be ASIAN. It doesn't matter what country you're from, so long as you are ASIAN, but other ethnicities (which is a totally separate thing from nationality), while they are allowed to audition, will not be paid any attention to. Many flyers and advertisements outright say that "any nationality" is welcome to audition, but have an addendum somewhere about requiring potential candidates be Asian. They can't turn you away at the door, but they don't have to listen to you, either.

    2. You must be able to sing well and dance passably already. YG wants a good investment.

    3. The process is long and irritating, and life as a trainee is hard even for those who DO debut -- but more trainees DON'T debut, probably twice or three times the number that actually get to go through.

    Source(s): Experience! I went to a YG audition, but I am (unfortunately, in this case) Caucasian, and did not make it through.
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    No..they were all already trainees under YG and they decided to put the boys together in a group and call it the BigBang Documentary. WonderGirls and 2PM/2AM also. You don't sign up you're under the company as a trainee and then they may put you in a documentary as they are forming the group.

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    well knowing alot about YG ent you have to do the YG audotions when they cometo your town or close to were you live ..

    but they arent easy just ask some one from YG like a worker or a singer or a dancer from wawa dance acadamy ^_^

    Source(s): i know some people from YG ...
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    you have to go to their audtions

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