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What does "ACH Debit from your bank account" mean?

I am trying to set up a payment plan to pay for college. I dont have credit cards so my only other option is ACH Debit from my bank account but i dont know what that means.


I only have a debit card that I use constantly for purchases only.

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    ACH = Automated Clearing House. This is a fancy term for an electronic payment.

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    Automatic Clearing House

    It just means you are making a debit from your checking account.

    You've never used a checking account before and made a payment for any bill?


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    Well David, now that you are five years older, you probably know that Smarty-Pants answers are never the best answers. Google the term yourself and you will notice that you will spend more than 5 seconds finding a definition for the term. In fact, you will get a long list of folks trying to snare some business ... but, unfortunately, not a quick, simple answer to a legitimate question.

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    It means what it says. If you had taken 5 seconds and Googled that term you'd know it means an electronic check deduction from your checking account.

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