Environmental Engineering?

How do you become an environmental engineer? Do you have to major in engineering in college? Or could you major in Environmental science? What about after a four year college-what would be the next steps? Thanks!

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    Some people manage to get a job with the title of environmental engineer with a MS in environmental science. Employers prefer a degree in Environmental Engineering, or Civil or Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Those with "just" the Env Sci degree end up writing permits more than anything else. If you earn the BS in Env E, there is no need for grad school. The US EPA is hiring anyone with "environmental" in their major - including "env studies", which really dilutes the value and respect that engineering should have.

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    I'm pretty sure that you just go for the engineering major, like Civil engineering has environmental in it. I would go to your local college and ask for an appointment with and adviser. I currently go to OSU and about to apply to the Mechanical Engineering school and it seems to be a decent enough school.

    Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geodetic Science

    475 Hitchcock Hall | 2070 Neil Avenue | Columbus, Ohio 43210-1275

    (614) 292-2005 | ceeg@osu.edu

    Hopefully that helps.

    Best of luck you,

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