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how come sometimes i blackout?

when i lay down too long and i get up my head gets a bit dizzy and everything goes black for a couple seconds.

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    It's gravity. When you stand up quickly the blood falls from your head to your feet, making you dizzy, and it takes a second for your body to catch up and pump blood harder so the proper amount reaches your brain. If it happens all the time it's called syncope (low blood pressure), but otherwise it's normal. Don't stand up so fast unless you want to make yourself faint and fall some day.

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    I have the same problem.

    You have something called "orthostatic hypotension"

    its basically where your blood flow is normal in your body, then when you get up all the blood rushes down out of your head. If you really want to get rid of this see your doctor, he will probably do a leaning table test to see whats up.

    dont worry it's nothing bad.

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    Wow I'm ten and the same happens to me when I lay down. I hate it!

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    it might be lack of blood to the noggen or low blood pressure. not too much to worry about.

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    Because you say "how come" instead of "why do i" your body hates retarded use of english so it says screw you im going to sleep and blacks you out

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