2 questions about ssd's vs hdd?

I am going to be getting this ssd: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N8...

I just got this laptop: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N8...

My 2 questions are:

1. Is there a way to transfer my game saves from my hdd to my ssd and keep all my progress?

2. I don't know how many watts my current HDD is using but it appears to me that most my sdd will be using no more then 2 so I am guessing I will increase battery life a little bit. Roughly how much will I increase, because I have a 9 cell and that already drains in like 2 hours.

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    1. SSD is just another type of storage. Thumbdrives are also a form of SSD. HDD is another type. SSD are getting so big until you can fit an entire OS and application. these is when manufacturers start to use SSD to replace HDD as the static storage in notebooks. you can just treat it like any hdd. copy and paste any data over to your SSD.

    2. its the CPU that drains most of the battery power, not the storage.

    be warn. SSD has a risk of losing data which are unrecoverable.when it happens, the entire SSD will appear empty unlike a HDD which is still recoverable using special recovery softwares. these symtoms can also be seen in thumbdrives.

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    Ken, you didn't really answer his questions lol.

    1) I'm guessing you'll be swapping the SSD out for the HDD (unless you plan on replacing the optical drive?), so copying it over from the HDD to the SSD would NOT be an option. You'll need an external HDD to back up your data on your current HDD, and then transfer it to the SSD when you have it booted and set up properly. Just backup those save files (the folders where the games are installed should be where the saves are made, but every game is different, you can easily check for yourself).

    2) Yes, it does drain less power. You may notice an increase in battery performance, but it's not going to be drastic. You can monitor your power usage using free software found online, google it. At most, I'm guessing you'll see 30 min. increase in battery, don't be expecting something like an hour increase.

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    Its called Solid State Drives and the other is Hard Disk Drives. The other point he left out was SDD will have a short term life span. That means if you want to keep your computer like 8 years forget it. While an HDD you can hand onto that computer for like 10 years!

    HDD drives spin like the old records that you played. It uses a dot dash method to record data such as 1's and 0's or music, videos, games etc.

    Anyway yes you can transfer the information over to an External HDD then back over to the SDD or to another HDD later on. Or you can use a free online service that does data storage.

    SDD simply put they use less power for one no moving parts like the HDD. Therefore you will see some increase of battery power.

    It will increase battery life to some degree. Even consider that best scenario on that you still have to do some other things to put that into affect. You will need to allow the battery to get as clsoe as possible of being depleated before charging. Another thing is do not over charge it, once it hits full then unplug the cord or remove the battery quickly. Do not charge a battery when its holding a partial charge like one third or one quarter even half or more. These steps will increase your batteries life span.

    Maybe your computer or a friend you know or evey yourself has a computer running Win95 and it still works! Not with your SDD they will stop working can not remember the exact number of years its about 4 years and not more than 5.5 years.

    btw.. good sites to learn technology from are:



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    If you know where your saved games are located, then you can just copy them on to a USB flash drive so you can copy them later to the SSD (I assume you have to replace the hard drive in the laptop).

    As for battery power...yes you should see a significant increase in minutes before the battery runs out. Standard hard drives have spinning platters that use an enormous amount of power. SSD drives are solid state (i.e. non-moving), so will not be wasting all that energy spinning platters around thousands of time per minute.

    I'll be buying one of these myself...when I can get a tb SSD drive for only $100 (maybe another 2-5 years from now?).

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