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MacBook "Service Battery" message.?

Hi, I have the aluminum MacBook (late 2008). In the last few days, my MacBook has been shutting down all of a sudden without any alert, and there's still 20-30 percent battery left. And the battery tab says "Service Battery". I tried a few different resets that I read on the Apple website but this problem is still there. I checked iStat and it says I've had 311 cycles with 70% health. I guess that's a lot of cycles but I use it for school stuff and loads of other stuff as well. But I read that this battery can go up to 1000 charges and retain 80% capacity. The thing is that I don't just want to get rid of the "Service Battery" message, because if there's a problem, I want it fixed. I have AppleCare which doesn't expire for another year and a half. I can go to an Apple Store, there are MANY around where I live, in fact I live walking distance to One Infinite Loop. But will Apple fix this problem for free? Because I payed a lot of money for this laptop and AppleCare (which has yet to come of any use).

And I don't think this is a Snow Leopard problem because I upgraded to Snow Leopard a long time ago and this problem hadn't shown up until the last few days.

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  • 10 years ago
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    To answer you in a short way. Yes for free when you take most issues into a Apple Retail Store (ARS) they will. They will also tell you if it will cost you money before they work on it further and will tell you the price. Just let them know they need your permission and you want to know costs.

    As for the battery majority of the time they will replace that for free. I've noticed if you mail into their Apple Repair Center to have the AppleCare Plan (ACP) used. That in the fine print (thats what most people call it) it says you agree to any charges that by sending it in, you agree to have it fix and if needed to be charged so that it will be repaired. (not exact wording)

    btw.. If they do not have a part in the ARS ask if they hold that part and you can either leave your computer there or bring it back another time. Example you have an iPhone with a hair line crack in the screen. If that happened you take it to the ARS it would be free replacement if their glass screen is in stock. If you sent that into the Apple Repair Center they will charge you $199 USD.

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    4 years ago

    it particularly is a trademark mild that must be Reset every time the Oil is replaced on the 3000 mile mark. each now and then it particularly is Resetable by ability of the automobile proprietor and each now and then it must be Reset by ability of computing gadget by ability of the provider Tech..

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