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Why do aquarians act cold? Are we meant to be alone?

I am an aquarius, I noticed that.. i feel detached. Although i enjoy having people around me

and I love meeting people etc. I just feel unable to have basic emotions, I mean i do, i just never express them. So its a little difficult to make friends. Especially trust i have a problem with trust and i wont really go out of my way to befriend you on a better level if i can't trust you or you give me a reason not to. I just feel like I am ahead of everyone my age and at my high-school? Im not interested in the normality of their conversations - parties, boys, that slut that cheated on my bf etc - its all trivial and nonsense, its so hard to find people my age that are interesting. So i just... introvert myself. It kind of sucks. I feel that my thoughts, ideas, and words are too intense for my age group. Its my last year and I would want to at least try to form a relationship over friendship with someone at my school, but i can't they are immature.

Do any other female or male aquarians feel the same?

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    I often hear of Aquarians feeling a bit odd at your age. You'll grow into your mature age. Give it time! You're okay as you are, unique! Emotional and silliness doesn't rub you right. You want the meat of conversation and relating.

    I have a Venus Aquarius conjunct Saturn. I too have trust issues, however with my Pisces Sun, once in a relationship, I am too trusting (think with my heart).

    Think of yourself like a butterfly, flitting around from different social gatherings and people, something always new. It's an air sign thing, Libra and Gemini are the same way.

    Your trust issues may be something ELSE in your birth chart to indicate this.

    Go to http://www.astro.com/ register and you can for free find out your birth chart, there are clickable charts if you are a novice at astrology. Quite telling I may say! My chart is SO me!

    Good luck and enjoy THE YOU that you are! :)

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    it particularly is like asking "How do people donning green shirts act?" Piles of rocks and massive thermonuclear explosions billions of miles away have easily no longer something to do with the character of a girl down the line from you. traditionally, Aquarians are linked with solid verbal replace skills, are sociable, tend to be idealistic, are tactless, choose exchange, and may well be slightly a utopian. a minimum of that's what astrologists have self belief. like each and every superstitions, it particularly is surely authentic each and every now and then, however the relationship between zodiac sign and character is coincidental, no longer causal.

  • I never noticed that Aquarius people are cold, quite contrary. They just reject any authority and are not meant for strong passion.

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    The whole astrology thing is crap.

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