Bible study for 2 teen girls/best friends who have lost hope?

I want to fined a bible study that would be good for me and my friend. We both have been raised in a church and know allot about all the story and that jesuse love use but now it time to go deeper. We have herd all the storys and all that but it's getting to the point ware we have herd them so much they have lost there meaning. Both me and her have had days wair we just don't care anymore if we fall asleep and never wake up and the only thing keeping use going is knowing if something happened to one of use the other couldn't make it if u know what i mean. We need a renewed hope and since of perpose throught God i'm 15 shes 16 and we are planing on doing the study then talking about it over the phone at night any ideas of a good stuby that would work for me and mt friend?

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    I don't have a recommended Bible study for you but I congratulate you on your desire to seek God. Scripture tells us when we seek Him, we will find Him. Christ tells us He stands at our door waiting to be invited in.

    Our purpose is to glorify God. Everyone can do this in so many different ways but the Bible explains all of them. Know that God promises those who accept Christ as Lord and Savior and ask for forgiveness have an eternity in Heaven. Keep in mind that as a believer, we are rewarded in Heaven for our actions on Earth (not condemned like the White Throne Judgment for unbelievers). The more you honor God with your life now, the more you'll reap.

    I also advise you to get plugged into a good small group of believers. They will encourage you to stay steadfast and be courageous in your faith walk. We all need it. Best wishes to you.


    Be confident the source of your study is coming from a Biblically sound place. Watchtower bologna has been widely dismissed by every sincere Christian as it contradicts itself continuously. Please validate what you see or read with the Bible at all times or discuss it with a true born again believer.

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    Hi Kianna,

    It's good to know that you have the desire to know the Bible.

    Many teens are not interested in Bible stuff.

    You and your friend can study the Bible online at the comforts of your home.

    This is preferable because you can study during your free time.

    The site has Online Bible Studies available.

    They also have Bible Lessons and Bible Prophecy videos.

    The site has also a section: Ask a Bible Question.

    There are so many helpful Bible information that you can find.



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    Agree on a third girl to join the group. Each brings a question the other two will study -- each person will be studying two questions trying to help another person. That way you can be more objective. Weekly meetings should do it.

    And keep in mind that most of what you're feeling is because you're both on drugs.

    It's called puberty, and your bodies are supplying it.

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    at the start i desire say that i'm a babies pastor and compliment the Lord you opt to start one. i'd at the start pray that God would deliver some your way. Then i'd get some matters that would spark interest to babies which includes dating, anger, Gods call and so on. promote around the faculty of the matters and be prayed up. learn complicated in the previous hand and be waiting to furnish an answer for the questions. which will save them coming back. God bless and save on!

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    I would go to and request the book "What Does The Bible Really Teach?" or you can study it online directly from the website. It has 19 lessons and it is question/answer format so it would be easy for you to discuss together.

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    You and your friend come study with me. Ill give you some hope. Unless youre a couple of fat chicks u can go have a cheeseburger instead

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    getting to know me on a personnel bases is always easy for all of our children,yo can place a call to us anytime in regards to asking for anything your heart may desire,ask and it shall be given unto you,seek and you shall find and knock and it shall be opened unto you.,practice the holy rosary,practice makes perfect,we love you al,the hoily family.

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