after i delete my email addresses they come back. why is this happening?


well actually it is my moms email and its just a diocese email account.

Update 2:

so she tries to delete some of her email addresses but they keep coming back the next day. some of her contacts have changed emails so she putin the new ones. but now the olds ones came back so she doesn't know which is which. i was just wondering how she could permently delete them without them coming back. do u think it could be

a virus?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I suggest giving us an "Operation Procedure" to help

    you to solve the problems.

    For example, something like this:

    (1) "I started Outlook 2007" or "I start Outlook Express".

    (2) "I click on the Address Book button and it gives me a long list of e-mail addresses. Some of them are duplicates."

    (3) "I delete the e-mail addresses from the Address Book."

    (4) There is a Recycle Bin (Deleted Items), and

    then I delete everything in it."

    (5) "I close Outlook 2007" or "I close Outlook Express", etc.

    (6) "I open it back up again and all of the e-mail addresses that are deleted, they are back again there."

    Hope that helps. . . . . ??

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